1. CreechMagoo

    PKD binding post finish issues

    Iv been having some issues getting the finishes im applying to my original binding post for my Tomenosuke, I know I probably stripped the brass finish off of it (unless the whole thing is brass). If i accidentally tarnished the hell out of it iv tried everything to reverse it but no matter what...
  2. spoudastis

    Bladerunner Ennis Tile

    I have been looking for a full scale Ennis tile but havnt had much success. I did some research and decided to model it myself after finding some decent reference. Schematic from Eric Lloyd Wright/Wiehle Carr Associated Architects. The dimensions are really difficult to read, but after scaling...
  3. CreechMagoo

    Does anyone have any idea where I can get a good display for my Blade Runner blaster? (tomenosuke retailer 2019)

    This is the most ideal option, I'm pretty sure its custom but I'm wondering if something exists like this out there. I don"t have the means to make my own/I'm very unfamiliar with working with acrylic. also if anyone out there has found an equally good option for a transparent blaster display...
  4. CreechMagoo

    My (mostly) finished Tomenosuke build

    Hi everyone, Im happy to finally show of my mostly finished, personalized Tomenosuke PKD build. Outside appearance is where I want it the only think I have left that I want to do is install a metal cylinder which I'm currently waiting on, but here are some photos with descriptions of what I did...
  5. CreechMagoo

    Officer K blaster, who makes the nicest replica?

    I've recently completed my Tomenosuke build and want to create a display with both the classic blaster and the one from 2049. Im not well acquainted with K's blaster commercially and Im wondering who might make the best replica, with the research I've done I cant find a conclusive answer or...
  6. CreechMagoo

    Does anyone know where I can find and original weaver scope knob for my Tomenosuke?

    Id like to try to find an original knob or scope to pull the knob from but with all the searching I've done I've found nothing but pewter casts. Any help is super appreciated
  7. CreechMagoo

    My Tomenosuke blaster build

    Right off the bat I want to credit Slothfurnace for inspiring me to modify my blaster, his build guide was very useful in helping me make decisions for my own blaster. When I first got my PKD I wanted to try to make it screen accurate but as I went along I started leaning towards making it my...
  8. CntAllBeWinners

    Tomenosuke Blaster - 2019 “Retailer Edition”

    So, this just showed up in the mail. It’s simply stunning. Now the question I have to ask myself is whether or not to weather it. Any suggestions?
  9. B

    BladeRunner Badge Photo Help

    Hello everyone, long time lurker, first time poster, but I always come here first with any problems I need help with as this community seems to be far ahead of others and very knowledgeable. But I could not find a thread on this subject, so I must ask; Can Anyone help with a BladeRunner Badge...
  10. CreechMagoo

    Does anyone have a PDF for the tomenosuke assembly instructions?

    Im struggling to figure out how to remove the cylinder from my blaster, I left the instruction booklet that came with the gun somewhere else. even an image of the section that details cylinder install would be appreciated.
  11. CreechMagoo

    Do we know what this part is? it feels very cheap on my Tomenosuke and id like to try to find an original if possible

    (very new to the community and am just now starting to want to modify my gun) I believe the part to be a magazine for the Styer but Im unsure. any help is appreciated?
  12. CreechMagoo

    Left handed grips for the Tomenosuke Blade Runner blaster

    Im wondering if anyone knows about or has created mirrored grips for the Tomenosuke Blade Runner blaster. I personally shoot left handed and want to modify my gun to be unique to me. Im not very good at casting and don't have a 3d printer to possibly mock them up and then mirror them so Im just...
  13. Soulinertia

    Unlimited Run Custom Blade Runner Blaster Grips for rgriesbeck's 3D printed kits in Amber or Clear cast resin

    Upgrade your PKD Blade Runner Blaster kit from rgriesbeck with a set of new solid resin cast grips! This is a joint effort between rgriesbeck and myself. These are made specific to fit the his blaster kits. You buy the kit from him and the grips from me. Each set of grips are cast in resin...
  14. RetroSnowWhite

    Please take a look at my film accurate cosplays!

    Hi! I'm super crazy with accuracy, down to the smallest details. It's cool to see a replica forum!! Here are some of the cosplays I've made. If you want to read more about them please check out my Instagram retrosnowwhite :) Lynda Carter Wonder Woman. Sarah from Labyrinth Dorothy from The...
  15. slothfurnace

    Slothfurnace's Tomenosuke Pro Bladerunner Pistol Conversion

    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I posted any work, I've been wrapped up with the day job and family. But I wanted to take some time to post my more-or-less finished Tomenosuke Pro Bladerunner pistol conversion. This is a special project for me, that almost wasn't a project. At the...
  16. TKY2019

    Who is the owner of this BLADE RUNNER POLICE SPINNER photo?

    Hi,I'm looking for high resolution photos for Spinner restoration. I saw this picture on RPF several years ago. This photo retains the characteristics of the original prop. I want to refer to it. POLICE SPINNER RESTORE PROJECT. Blade Runner:police spinner restore project