1. Electronic Lids

    For Sale : Tomenosuke 2049 Blaster

    I'm selling my grail today due to moving costs. It's from the original Tomenosuke batches before being licensed for an unlimited run of movie tie in Blasters. Less than 150 of these were made. Under Adam Savage's helpful instructions I've since stripped the finish, added a steel barrel and gun...
  2. DarthWilder

    Blade Runner 2049 Tomenosuke STUNT MODEL

    Unbuilt kit. Some plastic pieces have fallen off their trees, but the kit is complete. $325 shipped in continental USA. No overseas shipping due to the nature of this item. Thanks for looking!
  3. CreechMagoo

    PKD binding post finish issues

    Iv been having some issues getting the finishes im applying to my original binding post for my Tomenosuke, I know I probably stripped the brass finish off of it (unless the whole thing is brass). If i accidentally tarnished the hell out of it iv tried everything to reverse it but no matter what...
  4. CreechMagoo

    My (mostly) finished Tomenosuke build

    Hi everyone, Im happy to finally show of my mostly finished, personalized Tomenosuke PKD build. Outside appearance is where I want it the only thing I have left that I want to do is install a metal cylinder which I'm currently waiting on, but here are some photos with descriptions of what I did...
  5. CreechMagoo

    Does anyone know where I can find and original weaver scope knob for my Tomenosuke?

    Id like to try to find an original knob or scope to pull the knob from but with all the searching I've done I've found nothing but pewter casts. Any help is super appreciated
  6. CreechMagoo

    My Tomenosuke blaster build

    Right off the bat I want to credit Slothfurnace for inspiring me to modify my blaster, his build guide was very useful in helping me make decisions for my own blaster. When I first got my PKD I wanted to try to make it screen accurate but as I went along I started leaning towards making it my...
  7. CntAllBeWinners

    Tomenosuke Blaster - 2019 “Retailer Edition”

    So, this just showed up in the mail. It’s simply stunning. Now the question I have to ask myself is whether or not to weather it. Any suggestions?
  8. CreechMagoo

    Does anyone have a PDF for the tomenosuke assembly instructions?

    Im struggling to figure out how to remove the cylinder from my blaster, I left the instruction booklet that came with the gun somewhere else. even an image of the section that details cylinder install would be appreciated.
  9. CreechMagoo

    Do we know what this part is? it feels very cheap on my Tomenosuke and id like to try to find an original if possible

    (very new to the community and am just now starting to want to modify my gun) I believe the part to be a magazine for the Styer but Im unsure. any help is appreciated?
  10. CreechMagoo

    Left handed grips for the Tomenosuke Blade Runner blaster

    Im wondering if anyone knows about or has created mirrored grips for the Tomenosuke Blade Runner blaster. I personally shoot left handed and want to modify my gun to be unique to me. Im not very good at casting and don't have a 3d printer to possibly mock them up and then mirror them so Im just...
  11. T

    Issues with Tomenosuke OG Edition blaster

    Has anyone had any issues with the cylinder not properly rotating when the trigger is pulled? I just received my OG Edition blaster and the cylinder only rotated 2 or 3 times, then stops. I have to eject it, turn it by had, then put it back in only for it to only turn 2 or 3 more times. The...
  12. AtimeSidkit

    Interest -Phantom- a space view blaster - Custom Conversion Kit For Tomenosuke Blade Runner Blaster

    -PHANTOM- A SPACE VIEW BLADE RUNNER BLASTER Hello everyone, this is my first official thread on rpf so please be magnanimous......I made this custom conversion kit for the Tomenosuke Blaster pro during the covid19 restrictions, I had a year or so to complete it. As you can see from the...
  13. 8ucci

    Importing Tomenosuke Blade Runner Blaster kit into Australia?

    Hi all, I am relatively new to the RPF and looking for some advice about a Tomenosuke Blade Runner Blaster 2019 Stunt Model Kit that I was lucky enough to recently purchase online! I am living in Sydney, New Sout Wales where (like the rest of Australia) gun laws are extremely tight and require...
  14. TridCloudwalker

    Tomenosuke Assembly Kit Tutorial Video

    Despite getting the kit over a year ago, I've only had time to finally sit down and put it together last month, and to be honest, I was a little intimidated. This is my absolute holy grail kit; the one I've wanted since the beginning. I didn't want to screw it up, and wanted to have a very solid...
  15. Screen Shot 2019-01-05 At 10.37.46 PM

    Screen Shot 2019-01-05 At 10.37.46 PM

    A still of Tomenosuke-based stunt blasters from Vice's interview with Blade Runner: 2049 Prop Master, Doug Harlocker.