My first time in Zbrush (WIP) UPDATED now with body!

predator paul

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I love this program. Only had it for a day but it is a refreshing change from 3D Max.

I had a go at sculpting a Pred this morning, 6 hours later I have this...

Basic sculpt from a Zsphere

Detail and texturing

Final Elder Pred :lol:

Added dreads

Sculpted a low poly body in Max

Exported it into Zbrush for texturing and detail etc...

Armour next. I'll keep you guys up to date, trying to fit this in during other work :rofl
Final layout of hi poly model in my Portfolio here

Poly count = 229728

Paul .'.
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Not bad, not bad at all. However I lack the pure skill to use either 3DSMax or zBrush, I do think there are some aspects that can do better. Mind the poly distribution :D
sweet, looks really awesome.

Never really got into Zbrush. More of a 3d Max person but haven't used that in a long time either. Might load it up and dust off my modelling skills :D
I wish I can do this mefore I sculpt anything that way I can 3D it and look at it from every angle it would definitely help going from one process to another.
I've tinkered with Z-brush a couple of times but never really got anywhere with it, thinking I would be better spending my time sculpting in the real world. I wish after looking at your Pred I'd persevered a bit more. Looks as though you're onto a winner there and I particulalrly like the dred rings. I suppose you could spend more time detailing it but for your first ever 6 hours work, holy crap. Using 3D max obviously helped and my first impression of Z-brush was "this seems like something I could work with" unlike some other 3d packages I've looked at.
Lets see some more please.
Nice work Paul. Would be great if we'd a machine that after designing something we could just transfer the image and hey presto out pops the 3d version.
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