Guan Thwei
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I'm now living in Mesa, Arizona and I have not been doing any molding or casting a lot due to schedule with work, but I hope there is still time to do some more projects. I would consider myself very ambitious for the future in life. I get ideas all the time and have some still in my head about how to change, add, or grow as a person the things that I have in me or around me emotions and personality.<br />
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I get compliments on what I wear and I am very realistic in my goals, I am curious to try new things, and see where they lead. I want from this site the ability to see if I am capable and if I am the kind of person that can come out with great suits and Predator ideas and have fun doing it. My sense of style tends to be dark and 18th century. I got on to this site to explore my more creative ideas with the things that I have loved since I was a kid back in the 80's and I hope that everyone here on the site will love my work as much as I will have making them.

Modeling, Scuba Diving, Reading, Video Games, Predator (obviously), Movies, Music, Comics, Computers, Molding and Casting.
Apr 10, 1983 (Age: 40)
Anywhere, Arizona