My Celtic Predator Wip: Pic Heavy (Updated Post #100)


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This is my first attempt at a Predator suit so bare with me. I have tried to document as much as I could on this.

Starting off with the Mask and Celtic Bio Helmet.

Prepping for and Airbrush



I altered the mouth opening as this was originally a Open Mouth cast and modified it to be a closed mouth to allow for the BIO.

Latex and Painted Dreads

Making Dread Beads
I used Air Dry Soft clay purchased from Michael's got a small tub for about $4. Used a high-lighter marker to mold around. Made the basic shapes. Now it takes about 24 hrs to dry and get into place. However what I did is had my ceiling fan on high while I was making them. By the time I got to my last one I wanted to make the first ones were already starting to harden. So at that point I got a wooden Chisel and then used that to carve into the clay the shapes and designs I wanted. It was hard enough to carve and yet most of enough to not flake or dust away, it was just right. If you wait till they are completely dry, YOU WILL HAVE A MUCH HARD TIME CARVING THEM. Found that out with the first one made as a tester.

Keep in mind it is clay so it has a slight weight to them. Its not as light as resin by no means, but its not that much weight and it does make your Dreads swing a bit easier and flow easier. Just my Opinion and how and what effect I wanted. You may be looking for something different. Just a cheap way if your on a budget and have plenty of filler time.



Close up of almost finished mask with Closed mouth and dreads, beads and some quills installed.

Side shot with both colored beads on now.

Bio first coat of paint.

Most of the Armor, was provided by templates used from Vinmanmac at his thread

Thigh Armor


Various other pieces.


Thigh and Shin Armor
The Shin armor was probably the most difficult part as I couldn't find any decent posts or searches for any of these done. I seen others AVP Shin pieces they have made, however I felt they were not right. Looking at reference pics and the AVP movie over and over again and pausing. I noticed they were actually quite bigger than what others have made. So I began making mine and used foamies alont with Gym Mats purchased at Walmart. I took one of the 6 pieces of the Gym Mats ($19.99) and used it as a base. I have large calves (martial arts since I was 3 years old will do that to you) to begin with so I had to mold these around my my bottom half of my legs.

Because of the thickness on the foam mats. I had to place them in the oven and used the setting to Broil. heats up to a nice 500 Degrees fast. Placed them on a Pizza Pan. and into the oven they went, lef tthemin there for literally about 35-40 seconds, they will be HOT. I had a fan near by on full blast. MAKE SURE YOUR WEARING PROTECTIVE GEAR AND PANTS! As soon as I pulled them out of the oven, I wrapped each piece around my leg to get the shape and immediately had fan blowing to cool into place. Once that was all done. I was able to do the rest. The end results below.


Chest Armor

For these I used reference pics with a combination of Vinmanmac's bottom Gauntlet template.






I had to Eye ball this as I only had 1 reference picture at the time.
Shoulder Cannon




I referred to Vinmanmac's backpack build for this, and used a lot of his ideas for my build. He doesn't have any templates for this so Eye balling played a major factor.

On my backpack its 75% Foamies. I used:
* 3 inch bent PVC curve pipe
* the bottom of a Tupperware bowl
* empty Acrylic Paint Bottle
* 2 small pieces of Split Cable Tubing
* a piece of 1/4 inch Plywood for the base pieces
A soldering iron was also used to burn in the writing and fine details.





Please let me know your thoughts. Good or Bad.



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Here are the pieces painted. What I did was coat them with Plasti-Dip, about 3 coats each nice and thick. then I went with Gloss Black Spray Paint and while it was wet I used "Hammered Silver" Spray paint right over it, this gives a nice pitted look ( thanks for the tip Vinmanmac). let that dry then hit again with the same thing, now you have really nice pitted areas. Next I Black Washed each piece, and went with Silver Rub and Buff. Here are the results.

The Pics really don't do the armor justice as much as I wanted. Seeing them in person, truly has more of an effect. If you decide to use the method on how I did mine, trust me when I say "You have to see with your own eyes to believe." It is truly incredible as friends have come over and thought it was REAL METAL.

























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awesome details! i like it very incredible! didn't thought that its from foamies! so inspiring

The best part with it being Foamies, is that everything is EXTREMELY light weight. Its amazing with a little time and a Heat Gun can do.



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@ Mr Fett - thanks brother, hard to believe its my first crack at it lol.

@ Pred666 - glad you like it brother

@ Guan-thwei - I know brother I am hoping to get it all done by the convention but dam didn't realize it was literally like a couple weeks away, not sure if I can pull a rabbit outta my hat for this one lol.


Guan Thwei

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@ Guan-thwei - I know brother I am hoping to get it all done by the convention but dam didn't realize it was literally like a couple weeks away, not sure if I can pull a rabbit outta my hat for this one lol.
Based on the way everything is looking I would say realistically I might say you can pull it off, but I can understand yeah that it is cutting it kind of close right now.


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Based on the way everything is looking I would say realistically I might say you can pull it off, but I can understand yeah that it is cutting it kind of close right now.

Man it will be a miracle if I do I still have the skin to do and processing the orders for the Tri-Lasers with Flashing LED's for Bio Eyes - its been just nuts lol. Got my fingers crossed in hopes



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Great work sir. I work with foamies myself, the strength, and light weight are amazing. I have also done a Dark Knight, and Comedian costume with it. If you want to protect the paint you can clear coat it with Dupli-color. Also, if you want a working countdown system see Ei'luj, Julie makes great stuff. Again, damn good work. ;)
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