MY 4 hour TMNT costume


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This feels like a total joke compared to a lot of the costumes i have seen here, but i have really making it and enjoyed looking around here, so when i had a chance to make this i thought i would share. The costume cost less than £12 thanks to Adam Savage for pointing me this site!

(i had 4 hours to make this hence the green onesie and the knitted hat ((not made in the 4 hours))

2013-11-18 23.04.48.jpg2013-11-18 23.48.47.jpg2013-11-19 13.54.28.jpg2013-11-19 22.36.53.jpg2013-11-20 19.21.08.jpg2013-11-20 19.21.29.jpgIMG_4333.JPG