teenage mutant ninja turtles

  1. agliarept

    Ninja Turtles Communicator - Walkie Talkies

    Howdy, Leveraging home time to work on silly projects I never had time for. Case in point, these children walkie talkies i found in my parents basement from years ago. Figured why not apply the knowledge i've learned from you all on the RPF, and make these more prop like. Happy with how it...
  2. NuadaDesigns

    Shredder Helmet- TMNT 1990

    Was able to piece this together with some failed prints from a while back, worbla, a 3D pen and some milliput. The face mask was printed and then fixed with milliput. The cowl worbla, using a 3d pen for the details. The large blades were made with a 3D pen and a thin layer of milliput. My cat...
  3. DaBuild

    T.M.N.T. ooze canister from the 90s

    Hello, Here's my new prop replica video. Nothing fancy. A cool little project. Cheers!
  4. S

    TMNT Foot Soldier 1988 toy version

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on RPF. I created a Foot Soldier costume for C2E2 last April and decided to make another for my friend. I made a two part video of my process and posted it to YouTube. If anyone has any interest in joining the Foot Clan, why not take a look. Thanks...
  5. CNC Shredder

    TMNT Shredder 1990 Build 3D Print Helmet/Faceplate 100% Screen Accurate Measurements

    "You are here because the outside world rejects you... This is your family... I am your father!" Hey everyone! Long time member, first time ever posting on the RPF. I wanted to showcase what I currently have done on my 1990 Shredder. The helmet and face plate are 3D printed and modeled with the...
  6. Pantha34

    1990 TMNT replica suit- Raphael

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to show off my new TMNT 1990 movie suit of Raphael. It was made by Thepropshopsite.com It has amazing detail. Always wanted one of these since I saw the movie back in 1990 when I was 8. haha If you have a TMNT costume would love to see it. Cheers
  7. thevitamink

    Kraang Mask TMNT

    A guy i met at Dragoncon commissioned me to make a Kraang mask. sculpted in plasticene and cast in latex . ultrcal mold. he was going to handle eyes and teeth. This is one huge melon!
  8. P

    Ninja Turtle Movie 1 & 2 action figures

    Just wanted to get some feedback on some of my custom painted and some custom made action figures. It was a real pain painting the foot clan logo so tiny on the soldiers head band, but it is movie accurate Let me know what you think
  9. rockymuscia

    My Casey Jones fiberglass mask

    Hey everyone. This is my second try at working with fiberglass/cosplaying. The first mask was inaccurate,so remade it smaller and with eyebrow arches.I based this cosplay of Casey Jones from the 2003 Ninja Turtle cartoon. Penny for your thoughts?
  10. ShadowAssassin

    Utrom Shredder TMNT 2003 TV Series

    COSTUME IS FINISHED - PICTURE UPDATED A couple of weeks back I began the early stages of an Utrom Shredder build. I wanted to get enough together before I started posting progress pictures. Right now it's at a point where enough of it is together that it is beginning to take shape so I will...
  11. W

    Quick Casey Jones cosplay wip

    So with my local comic con around the corner i have finally decided who to cosplay.... CASEY JONES. I have broken the cosplay into a few main parts Part 1. The mask for the mask i will be using the new black panther civil war children's mask as a base I think with some sanding and a sick...
  12. E

    My First Foam Fabrication. Oroku Saki (Shredder) Concept.

    Hello all! Just thought Id pop in and post the results of my first foam fabrication. I did a Oroku Saki (Shredder) Concept without the top helmet. The pictures unfortunately are not professional but im posting them nonetheless. I hope you all like what I did for a first time fabrication. It...
  13. P

    Star Wars Mash-up TMNsT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Storm Turtle), very PIC HEAVY

    Went to Star Wars Celebration in April and saw this pic, and this is where I got inspiration... Drew this up as a concept, wanted to change the armor to more muscular, and also drew up April O'rgana (April O'Neil and Princess Leia Organa's distant cousin) Downloaded the Pepakura files...
  14. M

    Need a PDO to PDF conversion done please!

    I need to convert my PDO file for a Casey Jones mask to a PDF but since I am on a work computer I cannot download any applications, so am unable to download Pepakura in order to save is as a PDF via cutePDF writer...is anyone willing to convert the PDO (if I sendc it over) and send it back to...
  15. DazzlerFan

    Trunk or Treat: TMNT Sewer Build

    For the last handful of years, my wife and I’s church has had a Trunk or Treat event. If you’re not familiar with them, basically people decorate the trunks of their vehicles in a parking lot and kids can come ask for treats car-to-car (instead of door-to-door). Our church usually has ours on...
  16. Z

    The Shredder goes to a con

    So I recently got the itch to make a costume. I started off with just thinking what would be fun and stumbled upon a good looking pepakura file of the Shredder helmet. If I can find the link again I'll share it. So I started making this large paper helmet. (I work nights in a call center so...
  17. eastWOLFstyle

    The Ultimate Ninja (TMNT 2003 Cartoon)

    I don't post here a lot but here's my new cosplay I'm working on. The Ultimate Ninja is from the 2003 TMNT cartoon series and while he's not a major villain I think his design looks cool. I'm doing this as a speed build in time for Special Edition: NYC in a few days. Here's his design in the...
  18. a438980

    Show off your animated series/movies props! (Disney/Anime/Looney Toons/etc)

    I've seen many amazing props on this forum based on various movies, TV shows, and video game series, but not as much based on animated or cartoon movies or shows as I expected. There's been some great props recently pop-up like Marvin the Martian's gun & the hand-held game from FLCL, but these...
  19. P

    My Pep TMNT Shredder Helmet and Foam Armor

    I started this project mid last summer, but ran out of time (cold weather) and just was able to finish the helmet:
  20. H

    ninja turtle michelangelo project tmnt

    mask is from prop shop site, other props i carved from foam (turtle shell) & latex it,i made the pads using real leather, belt as well, shoes i used tabi (ninja shoes) and glued latex turtle fingers i made (carved them using clay, and than mold and latex). i can search for process photos if...
  21. G

    TMNT - Leonardo

    Been lurking on here without a build thread for long enough.Communities aren’t built on lurkers and after looking at awesome builds from so many talented people I figured it was time to get into the fray. I’ve always loved TMNT and wanted a legit Leo costume. As a kid TMNT were, by far, my...
  22. JrnymanProtectr

    TMNT - Donatello Head Gear

    Hello everyone! Trying to catch up on A LOT of posting from the past 6 months... Just wanted to share the headgear I made for the release of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie. Donatello has ALWAYS been my favorite turtle and when I found out my friend designed the look of the turtles...
  23. thevitamink

    teenage mutant ninja turtle diorama

    http://illustyrannosaurus.blogspot.com/2015/01/turtle-power.html gift for my sister. this hangs on the wall and is mostly foam, cardboard, plywood . the figures are super sculpey over wire/aluminum foil armatures
  24. King of Kittens

    TMNT van

    Hey. So for FanX coming up at the end of january we decided to make a turtle van based off the old 90's design. I made it using a radio flyer cyclone, pvc pipe, cardboard, so so much paint and painters tape. The first step was to get the frame on. Then making the "walls" and adding detail to...
  25. T

    TMNT 1990 Casey Jones screen accurate mask

    Hey everybody. Been a member for awhile but I don't post much. I wanted to share this Casey Jones movie mask with you all. I actually made it for myself as part of a Halloween costume back in 2009 but just got around to taking some pictures now. I'm a huge fan of TMNT and Casey in particular...