Moon Lunar Rover


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Just finished (ish) the Lunar Rover from Moon from Scott Spicer (SRS )SRS Prototyping LLC

First class casting....even tiny locating pins on a resin kit !

The kit went together like a dream, no dramas and clean up was minimal. It's a great kit, intelligently designed, accurate and so well made that on a dry test build ( no glue) 90% of it held together and my build used NO FILLER !

As shown, my kit has very little weathering.... I may add more. Sci Fi and Fantasy Modeller 14 has some great reference shots. The original models were really dusted up, but that may be too much on this kit.

I like the design of the Rover, a sort of pumped up and squashed down Alvis Stalwart, and Scott's kit captures that look wonderfully.
That looks great man. I remember when they were auctioning off all the models from moon . You could have picked up a rover for a great price.. May have to get one of these
Wow, this is awesome.

These are the first build up pics of this kit I have seen. Well done JHY!

Thanks for the product review as well.:cool

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Nice little kit from a fave movie of mine, and the build/paint is great! The cab interior kit and a few lights would be the icing on the cake.

FYI Collector Phil Rae owns one of the originals, and there's an awesome lego build here.
Beautiful! The fact that it looks so much like one of the filming models is a testament to both your modeling skills and Scott Spicer's mastering skills. It really is a brilliant kit, and you've definitely done it justice! (y)thumbsup
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