Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol

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those are some horrible cuts in that trailer

and it looks like the daniel craig bond movies.
but with simon pegg, maybe it is good after all
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dont get me wrong, i liked the first M:I and i saw the other ones, which where at least decent, but this doesnt look like the other parts, thats what im saying. Im waiting for a final english hq trailer to make a final judgement on my first impression :)
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Dude, see where it says "I cannot wait for this flick" and you write "horrible" four words into your post?

I'm not kidding, this place is out of control with pissing and moaning. It's like there is no joy in your lives.
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That is awesome, awesome news. Always had a soft spot for the MI franchise, no matter its incarnation.
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i did not say that the movie is gonna be horrible, you got it all wrong :/

i just said i think the cuts they make in the trailer are horrible, because its like a 2 cuts per second. I just dont like that, i rather like developing shots
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I'm not going to have to talk my wife into seeing it with me in IMAX what with Jeremy Renner and Josh Halloway taking over, that's for sure.
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just said i think the cuts they make in the trailer are horrible, because its like a 2 cuts per second. I just dont like that, i rather like developing shots

I understand. Please understand me that I am all excited about the very existence of this movie considering what happened with Cruise and Paramount and maybe having the second post! discuss the relative quality of the shaky iPhone vid! of a French trailer! makes me say that if I knew you, I would go over to your house right now and call you names to your face, angrily stomp in to your kitchen and steal some beers and then go bang your girlfriend out of spite.
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its ok to be exited about it, im not the person to stand in anyones way, i never called anyone out for liking or disliking a movie :) also i didnt say anything about the video quality, and as i speak french, i can understand the trailer :) so, lets settle this, i didnt want to step on anyones toes by my first post in this thread, it was just my oppinion that the massive load of cuts kills the trailer, at least for me. maybe that is BECAUSE of tha shaky footage, but to me it just looks overloaded by the cuts. Again, this is just an oppinion, not fact. So, if i somehow offended you, then i am sorry, i just stated my oppinion :) i also said i like simon pegg, nobody critizised me for that ;)
I didn't think any of them where particularly bad. They tended to be fun popcorn flicks - even with Tom Cruise (whom at the point in his career is more of a distraction to me in a film more than anything).

I guess the first one could be a big dislike as it made Phelps a bad guy.
2 at the very least had an original Metallica song on the soundtrack,
3 was JJ. And without the massive lens flare.

Frankly, at this point in franchise I just want some escapism for a couple hours. Keep it somewhat grounded, BUT give me something outrageously spectacular with a bit of violence. Add in a healthy dose of Simon Pegg, hot chick, some Ving Rhames, a bit of psuedo-political babble... and there ya have it: winning formula. Add a hot-up-and-comer (even if he's been around the block a few times) to stir the pot if the series has been a stagnant (ie, the Renner factor).
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I used to think bad about sequel 1, sequel 2 .... but now - being in the business - I have a totally different view. It pays so many peoples rent and puts money on the table so it's ok.
And you see, the movie is over in the matter of 2-3 hours max, but many years after we still sitting in our garage or by kitchen tables, shops making guns, clothes, masks, gadgets making a science of trying to dig out as much information as possible like it was archaeology.
It's just as much fun as work as it is as hobby.
Generally I like the MI:- movies, not wild about them, but they are good entertaining - and a heck of a lot more fun to make the props (and takes longer) then seeing it.
So let him make a couple of sequels.:lol
Really. Think positive.
I saw the first one. Turning Jim Phelps into a bad guy turned me off permanently. And then there's Cruise.

Any new one would have to have a very clever plot that I hear of by word of mouth to even get me in the door. You know, an actual Impossible Mission.
I think I would have had more problem with that if it was Peter Graves. I just assumed that Jon Voight had been assigned the "Jim Phelps" identity, like a double-O classification. So go be the bad guy, Jon Voight. Peter Graves retired to go live a just and happy life after saving the world. Again.
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