Metal eBay Captain America Shield Repaint


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Got one of those metal eBay shields from China and honestly they're pretty nice for the price! They're not flawless by any means though. Below are some things about them that could be improved:

- diameter (mine is around 22", although they do have an updated version now that's around the screen accurate 24")
- the back grooves are raised instead of recessed
- although I don't have an issue with the centre disc being a separate piece, I feel it could have been secured in a more screen accurate way
- there are some surface imperfections on the back as a result of the apparent casting process with these shields (though I've gotten used to them over time)

The reason why I'm repainting in the first place is that the paintjob it came with is a little dark for my taste and although it looks great outside on a sunny day, I'd like it to have a more screen accurate hero paintjob. The colours in the first before pic are a little brighter than they appear in person.

I was originally going to leave the silver painted back as is, but realized that the raw metal look underneath looks way better than the flat silver paint they used.

Here's some before and during pics of my progress! (Sorry for not taking more pictures of the before state, you can check these shields out on eBay for closer detailed reference)


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