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Hey all! Today I'm excited to share that my metal replicas of Cassian Andor's boot knife are now available!

This replica, Inspired by Cassian Andor's boot knife in Andor, is constructed of precision machined aluminum and anodized in matte black.

This replica is available in two finishes:

Anodized in solid matte black and requires weathering. This can be done easily with normal sand paper.

Finished Replica: A fully finished replica with the proper silver weathered elements and a light wash to give the appearance of dirt and grime from use.

With this being a rather simple prop, I was excited I could make these my most affordable metal replica yet. The "kit" version comes in at $25, and the finished replica is $45, both with free US shipping.

This limited run of 100 pieces is available now through my website here: Metal Andor Boot Knife Prop ReplicaFinished Replica

If you have any question feel free to ask below!

Andor Boot Knife 1.png
Andor Boot Knife 2.png

Andor Boot Knife 3.png
Ordered mine. You ever thought about doing Fennec Shan's boot knife from Book of Boba Fett? This pic is from The Mandalorian Experience at Celebration last year.


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