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  1. CrossfireProps

    Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Lightsaber Hilts

    With the finale of Kenobi releasing today I realized that I never shared these sabers I made a few weeks ago on here! Both of these were fully resin 3D Printed minus 3 internal metal rods and a real screw to hold the fake covertec wheel in place. These were super fun to build and paint, and...
  2. CrossfireProps

    Khonshu Imprisonment Statue - Moon Knight

    Hey all, just wanted to share my latest project! I recently painted up these Kohnshu Statues from the new Moon Knight Series. This is my first time trying to paint faux stone and I'm pretty happy with the results! These were resin 3D Prints that I textured with a rattle can and then based them...
  3. CrossfireProps

    Metal Loki Daggers Prop Replica (SOLD OUT)

    Hey all! Wanted to share my recently completed Run of Metal Loki Daggers! I started on these in May, a month before the show released. At this time references were very limited, but I got to work with 3DTechDesign, a freelance 3D modeler that I've worked with a few times. We worked to modify...
  4. Douglascraig

    Loki Disney+: "Vote Loki" Gold Tie Slide

    Started working on a replica of the tieslid that Loki is wearing in as part of his "Vote Loki" costume in the new disney+ series. You can see it reasonably well in trailer #1. I thought it looked really cool, kind of a sublte nod to the big gold collar he wears in his full asgaridan Loki...
  5. The Sweatshop

    The Mandalorian : Westar-35 Reference thread

    I was inspired by the darksaber reference thread, and how the prop department had reinvented the saber for live action. So here we go! what I could find so far as the wiki’s state that the mandalorians in “chapter 3 : the sin” use them to assist Mando escape. Now I couldn’t find a screenshot...
  6. Jaroo

    Silicone Baby Yoda

  7. Jaroo

    Baby Yoda sculpt

    Here is my Baby Yoda sculpture so far using Monster Clay Medium. Once finished, I plan to make a resin mold and cast him with Ecoflex 00-20 Platinum silicone from Smooth-On. He will have a wire armature inside so he will be posable as well. The eyes and claws will be made with resin. Hope you...