1. itsgreg

    Apex Legends Kunai Knife

    The heirloom knife from Apex Legends. Since I made the dataknife from Titanfall 2 I thought I'd have to make this one since it's from the same universe! Cold cast aluminium with Liberal amounts of rub'n'buff & airbrushing. Made this a while ago but as usual forgot to post it here..
  2. PartyRichter

    Want to Buy Dune Crysknife (movie version)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I once bought a lovely resin kit, but gave it to a friend. It had a great organic feel and slightly elongated markings around the hilt (I've seen ones with round holes on the hilt but that doesn't look as good IMO). Thanks!
  3. behnt

    How to 'NOT' to leave a blood sacrifice to the cosplay gods. A knife for kids and klutzes like me..

    How to 'NOT' leave a blood sacrifice to the cosplay gods. I just found a AWESOME cutter that will cut EVA foam, foam rubber, foam board but not cut you! This is by far one of the best discoveries of 2018 for me.