Limited Run Metal Mandalorian Tanto Knife

Looking at this pic it looks like the leather is not wrapped, but one piece, that has grooves in it, then folded over.

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Yup. I tried twice to loop the leather strips and I'm not happy with the results. It doesn't look bad, but the thing is it's just wrong.

I bought some genuine leather, but the problem is the hide is too thick to get in the grooves. I'm gonna buy some adhesive pleather like the kind that was provided, but large enough to simply fold over.
I got mine, nice work on the blade and the weight feels good. I also wrapped the leather. but I saw it in person and it looked to me like a single piece. So next, I pulled the wrap and tried using small cut strips of the leather/pleather provided and did a bunch of small, parallel wraps to not overlap but butt against each other and hide the gaps. I like the one side but the smaller side with the angled end, I haven’t done to my satisfaction yet. They provided enough for even a third complete wrap if I wanted to try it, but I think some thin leather to cover the edges would look better. Even a wider piece of the material provided, I like that it is self-adhesive and the color looks good. I was also considering sharpening it, but don’t want to screw it up.
I like this little knife and I think the price was very fair!
Here is where I'm at with mine. Used a single piece of adhesive pleather folded around the bar. I think the orange color looks a lot better than the light brown that was included.

Used some brown acrylic to weather the handle. I sanded the blade with 600grit sandpaper to make it look like brushed metal. I weathered the blade with black shoe polish instead of acrylic.

I like the wrap! Cool that you went with your own color for yours. I’m looking for as close a color as I can find to the original, but don’t trust my camera phone pics, the images online for shopping or my own eyes, lol!
Just got mine in the mail. Searched my whole bin of leather scraps and this is the closest color I could find to toss on there and hit with some quick oil paint. Really happy with the weight and quality! Will probably spend this weekend doing a proper weathering and searching for a better leather wrap.


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