rogue one

  1. krispikarim

    Star Wars Shoretrooper Grunt Assembled and Painted

    Hey guys, I still have a fully painted set of Shoretrooper Grunt armor available; ready to ship immediately. Tried selling on FB, not sold so dropped the price to that of a kit. This is fiberglass cast armor and is originally based off of Sean Fields files with heavy modifications to be as...
  2. I Athena I

    Jyn Erso Rogue One Gloves

    I purchased these Jyn gloves from Endor Finders for my costume but they don't fit. They are a size Small.They are brand new never worn still in plastic. I just got them today and tried them on. If you want to get a size chart you can go to Endor Finders' website. Selling these for what I paid, I...
  3. mugatu

    Star Wars FS: 3D Printed DEATHTROOPER HELMET

    Hello. I am selling my recently acquired DEATHTROOPER HELMET. This badboy is 3D printed, THICK, and HEAVY. This is one solid helmet! If you have a large head, this one is for you! And if you are clumsy, this is the one for you too! If you need proof of just how solid this helmet is, PM me...