rogue one

  1. kokkari

    Hammerhead Corvette

    For sale! -Hammerhead Corvette 3D resin print. This was printed from the Gamebody files. -It measures 20 inches in length. -It has a 1/4" threaded mounting point. -Engines light with a 12v internal battery that is easily replaceable when needed. -All paint work was done with Archive-X Acrylics...
  2. Jediwannabe

    Blue Squadron Jumpsuit - Size XL - New

    Hi all, I purchased an XL Blue Squadron jumpsuit from IB and decided it was too big so I purchased a smaller size. I'm now selling the XL. Its new and only tried on once for fit. I'm 6 feet tall and around 215 pounds. The costume fit me but the Large is more fitted. I'm asking what I paid...
  3. greenmachines

    Galen Erso Cosplay - Rogue One

    This Galen Erso Cosplay build was a rapid two day build geared toward having something to wear for a local Star Wars premiere. I found a promotional shot of Galen and found that I already had a similar jacket and pants that were an office suit and tie set. In my favor, and to my surprise, the...
  4. Pepperbone

    Star Wars Poll #2 - What is your favorite SW LIVE project

    Trying another one - again for fun. Pick your single favorite SW live action project.
  5. AjaxIronside

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Jyn Erso's A-180 Blaster

    This one I think is my favorite paint job so far, but I would always appreciate pointers! This is a totally 3d-printed model, which took a ton of clean up and was a bit strange in assembly. But I really love how it came out!
  6. Baruopa

    Wanted: Rogue One Dejarik/Holochess Pieces Reference

    Hi all, I'm sure pretty much all of you know about the physical dejarik game being played I the background of Saw Gerrera's hideout on Jedha in Rogue One. I really like the idea and aesthetic of it but can't seem to find much of any reference on it, was wondering if maybe you guys knew or could...
  7. Pepperbone

    >> Custom Star Wars - Bounty Hunter-style costumes

    I've been contemplating making my own Bounty Hunter-style costume (or a rogue character) based on some design ideas I've been playing with. Head-to-toe, including custom weapon(s). Prequels were cool, but anything that revolves around the original trilogy's production design remains my...
  8. jusdrewit

    City of Jedha and Star Destroyer diorama

    Was really inspired by a few of these threads so here is my version, it's pretty much finished although I might tinker with the rock color more down the road. Maybe one day I'll go back and add lights to the SD too. The City of Jedha kit was from the awesome JPG Productions and the SD is the...
  9. StevenBills

    Band of Brothers intro + Rogue One mashup

    Hey everybody. Not sure where else to post this, but I made a thing. I love Band of Brothers, and I love Rogue One, so I edited a Band of Brothers-esque intro for Rogue One. Lemme know what you think! SB