Mass Effect Femshep N7 Armor Build


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for your straps did you sew them all the way threw the foam? or did you do a shallow "hook" stitch that's hidden in the "middle" of the foam? and also the foam finger pieces you made for your gloves, does it stay "squishy" or is it rock hard?
I didnt sew the straps to the foam. I scored the foam and hot glued it. The finger pieces are squishy right now but when I cover them with Styrospray 1000, they will be hard.


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Okay guys. I'm a bit stuck.

I'm really disheartened right now because I feel like everything I've been making recently has been looking like crap. The breastplate was the first part I made and it looks awesome but ive remade other parts so many times and I can't get them to look how I want.

Can anyone offer guidance on how to improve or remake a couple of these parts? Right now im working on the abs and they look like ****! I've also attached photos of the pauldrons for feedback. (Ignore the drips. They're covered in Styrospray 1000 and will be sanded). I especially need some advice on how to fix/make the ab armor!

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I dont know how expensive that "sculpy foam" is you used for your glove's/ or if it would work, but maybe you can use that to even out the ab pieces? then cover it in the styro spray.. Ive never made foam armour so I have no idea what stick's LOL but it still looks good.. (y)

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I think the abs look okay, but maybe I'm missing something. Is the pauldron you're holding the inner or outer part? If it's the outer part, you should have a flatter arc with a piece that is inset, at least looking at the pic. I tried to draw it in Paintshop pro, but it would have been even less help. I can sketch it out better if you want.


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Think I've finally got the abs to look okay. I'm not totally happy with them but I'm also not willing to waste any more time on them than necessary. I've got a lot of sanding and filling to do before I can actually get to the heat shaping and Styrospray. Then, of course, more sanding. Finally, I'll add the carbon fiber and paint. Whew!