Anyone know what happened to Freya (Mass Effect N7 armor)

Sluis Van Shipyards

Legendary Member
Anyone know what happened to Freya? I think her screen name was Freya Willia. I was trying to find her post to show a friend her Mass Effect armor and her name and posts are gone from the search function. It also looks like all her social media is gone.
Yeah that's the thread. The weird thing is it didn't even come up with her name in the search box.

Her N7 armor is the best version I've ever seen so far.
She just doesn't cosplay anymore. I followed her on Instagram for many years after she finished her N7. She is still active on Instagram but doesn't make cosplay anymore.
Sad... who knows what's happened or happening in her life since 2016. maybe someday she'll pick the cosplay back up again.

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