mass effect

  1. Frantikgirl

    Mass Effect - 1:750 scale Normandy SR2

    I've always loved the mid-century sci-fi aesthetic of the Mass Effect games, and the Normandy SR2's design typifies that mood perfectly. The long, thin lines; the bold colors; the chunky geometric decoration; I adore it all. I ordered a 3D print off of Etsy. When it arrived, I was pretty...
  2. Talaaya

    Mass Effect - Turian Phaeston Assault Rifle

    It's been a while! Excited to finally get started on a new cosplay. For my next one I plan on doing Nyreen Kandros, the female Turian from Mass Effect 3. I've done the pre-production phase to make sure she'll work on a human body but haven't progressed much past that. I decided I should start...
  3. NegativeEnergy

    Build Log - Mass Effect Blood Dragon Helmet

    First post to RPF and first build log! Building the Blood dragon helmet for a friend there is still a long way to go however this is what already has been completed: Printed in 20 pieces the front shell (I didn't have my large 3D printer yet) in ABS. Welded all the pieces together using a...
  4. raiskream

    Mass Effect Femshep N7 Armor Build

    I had another thread where I started to make the Hahne Kedar armor set, but I switched to the N7 set from Mass Effect 3. Here is my progress so far. I post live updates on my Instagram Story and the entire process with details and videos is in my Highlights here: Raisin Cosplay (@raisincosplay)...
  5. N

    Advice on Applying Latex to Spandex gloves

    Could use some guidance in modifying hands. These are "Aliens vs Predator: Requiem" latex gloves that I purchased to modify into Mass Effect Turian talons. Despite being extremely over sized, the color was right and the detail was good enough. The original plan was to cut the hand down and...
  6. F

    Mass Effect Mattock logo

    Everyone,I'm looking for a high res file of the circular logo on the stock of the Mattock. Does anyone have one or could point me in the right direction? I'm afraid my Google-fu has failed me.Thanks!
  7. F

    Poor coverage from Montana Gold spray paint

    All, I'm working on Zprop's excellent M96 Mattock kit and ran into some issues while painting. I tried putting on a coat of Montana Gold Bone spray paint after doing an undercoat of Rustoleum paint + primer. The results weren't quite a disaster, but I had real issues with the coverage on the...
  8. Temperance

    Tali - Mass effect

    Gosh, I feel so bad. I went to the RPF Dragon con meet-up this year and when I was chatting with people I discovered I had really become a lurker on this forum. T_T I guess I tend to make stuff, but then neglect to post anything. So! I'm trying to change that. I'll start with my Tali build...
  9. cmdershepscot

    [WIP] Hahne Kedar w/ Sentry Interface (MASS EFFECT 3)

    Hey I'm new to RPF forums. I wanted to show off my still WIP mass effect armour build the hahne kedar from mass effect 3 this is my very first EVA armour build or costume build at all. TO DO CHECK LIST Painting/Weathering Pouches on main shoulders Shin armour Boot armour They only things I...
  10. A

    Mass effect Andromeda Helmet sculpt help

    Hey!! :) After playing Mass Effect Andromeda, I decided to build one of the two helmets: The n7 pathfinder helmet or ryders initiative helmet (I don't know which one I should choose^^) ----------- I found several reference pictures but my problem is that I don't know which modeling clay I...
  11. gentlepoak

    Mass Effect 3 - N7 Armor Build

    Hello! My name is Adam and this is how I did my ME3 armor. Hope you like it. When I started the whole thing, I needed templates. I used this one: I believe it's linked to Narayas, here on TheRPF, but I'm not sure, because I found it on google search. So I got my templates, but there was a...
  12. Pareeeee

    Turian Phaeston from Mass Effect

    This is the Turian Phaeston rifle from Mass Effect. It took me a while to figure out what size to make it. I finally sized a reference picture and printed it at a print-shop onto large blueprint paper. The inner layers were made of cardboard, and sandwiched between pieces of black...
  13. alorix

    Female Krogan OC Cosplay

    Been working on a original female krogan for at least 3 weeks. I kinda have the body but idk where to go next. I gave it some battle damage cause of course a krogan's armor would have battle-damage armor. Now. I also have shoulder pads that i'm not sure how to attach. I used velcro tape...
  14. Pareeeee

    Mass Effect - General Adrien Victus - completed pics and build

    2015 was my first year cosplaying. I had no idea what I was doing, but I decided to dive in head-first take on a HUGE project. I didn't know about pepakura, unwrapping patterns on my computer, or anything like that. Everything was done by eye - and done from scratch. Mass Effect is my favourite...
  15. T

    ME: A Tempest Scratch Build (Looking for advice)

    Hey everyone, after playing Mass Effect Andromeda, I have really been wanting to build of model of the Tempest (seen below). The problem is, I have never made a model like this before, I am a sculptor (wax), but have a little experience in working with styrene, mostly squarish shapes, but this...
  16. Juakie

    Pathfinder N7 cosplay armor : Mass Effect Andromeda

    More WIP photos on : Cosplay materials : 30% EVA 70 % PVC time consumption : 250h of work Cosplay made in Jannuary two months before game relece...
  17. N

    Mass Effect Headset (HUD) Build (pic heavy)

    Quite a while back a user here posted some pictures of a mass effect headset. I could not find the original post, but when I saw it those years ago I decided I would make my own. I made the first version back then and was quite pleased, but when I got the parts laser cut I planned to make two. I...
  18. S

    Help finding Mass Effect N7 armor templates

    Hey guys, Recently I've been playing playing Mass Effect and I really want to make some N7 armor. I've searched around and found a thread on here by a member called Narayas, where he shares some amazing templates, the download links are down however. I thought about contacting him directly but...
  19. gentlepoak

    Looking for Mass Effect Breather Helmet Template for foam

    Hello! Can somebody help me out? I'm making the N7 armor, and I want to make the breather helmet too, but I couldn't find a good template for it. I downloaded a couple pepakura files, but I don't really know how to make it EVA foam compatible.
  20. S

    Looking for Mass Effect 2 n7 Eva Foam Armor Patterns

    Does anyone have any free ME2 n7 armour patterns for eva foam? I can't find any made for foam and all the ones that people say to use have been taken down.
  21. B

    Normandy SR2 Build

    Hello all, This is a project I've been wanting to do for a while. I have decent experience papercrafting, and am almost finished with a life-size Link from the Zelda series. However, I feel like putting that on pause for a bit, and dabble in scratch building with balsa, paper, and other...
  22. D

    Mass Effect: Looking for FemShep EVA Foam back patterns

    Hi all! Sorry if the title was not clear. I have downloaded the files from this site, and I believe it was from someone called Narya? It had a wonderful codex and very accurate files for all the pieces of the build, except one. It did not include the file for the back portion of the female...
  23. T

    Mass Effect Helmet

    I've been working on this one for a while. Thought I'd post what I've got so far! Sorry for the sidewaysness.
  24. I

    Need help getting started with perspex! (Need help asap, con is on Saturday)

    Hello all! I've got some beautiful orange tinted perspex (it's not opaque, it's see-through), I'm making an omni-blade for my Shepard cosplay and I have a few questions. Both my brothers have used it before and said I can heat it with a heat gun (evenly heating it of course) and then carefully...
  25. R

    Trying to track down a couple of Mass Effect Pep Files

    Hey all, I'm presently working on a Tali'Zorah costume from Mass Effect 3, and I'm trying to track down a file for the boots. If anyone has access to this file and can post it on here, I would be very grateful. Thanks!