Luke ROTJ Kit build - HELP!

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by IMFletcher, Apr 3, 2012.

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    This is the kit I just bought (Thanks Enaswede!) The kit did not come with screws or instructions :behave. I am hoping that someone here has built one or has built similar kits and can help me through it....


    I would like to make it as accurate to the Hero prop from the ISYHCANL scene as possible. There are what appear to be 2 control boxes (both different) and I can quite wrap my mind around how they go on...



    It also came with 2 tri-rings ?!? :confused

    The saber doesn't have any marks or holes wjhere these peices go....


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    Hello there,

    Here's my thread with lots of pictures of Luke's ROTJ lightsaber :

    See post# 6 for pictures of the scene you speak of. This should give you an idea where everything goes, okay.

    The controlbox on the right has the same shape as the screen-used when it comes to the sides (See red arrow in my picture below) however you could use the one on the left making those alterations to the sides to it and getting rid of the top rails only, to have them replaced with the brass rails I mentioned in post #6 with a brass activator plate underneath, not copper. That would be a great start :D

    Here's a close-up :


    As far as I know Jedipastor still sells brass activator plates of different designs, choose wisely ;)


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