Kylo Ren Soft Parts.


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What kind of body type are you making this for? I'm trying to get an idea of how much fabric I would need for the outer coat and hood. Are you doubling the fabric up for any parts, such as the hood?


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So here are the pictures as I accidentally promised the other thread. Merino is such a cool fabric. The weight and feel of the fabric is soft and midweight. It has a bit of stretch, but not a ton, and it drapes nicely on whatever you put it on.



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I have some fabric clips that are made for quilting so they can grab onto to thick layers of fabric. I love using them since I detest pinning. :)


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How are you planning on heating the water and keeping it.ay temperature with that tub? I ask because I'm planning on using a very similar tub to do mine, but I'd like to keep the bath above 140f for the duration of the process.


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I am planning on buying a few blankets for the outer coat. I was thinking about getting gray blankets to give the dye a bit of a nudge in that direction. Do you think this is sensible, or better to stick to white? Also are you planning on coating the fabric with anything before you sew? I had heard some people were thinking of hitting the fabric with a very light coat of Plasti-dip. Have you experimented with that at all?


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I grabbed the fabric you mentioned from Joann. I am excited to see how it looks put together. I'm not sure how I'm going to construct the body of the under tunic/ shirt, but I know only the sleeves are going to have the pleats on my set up. The zipper info is very helpful. Any word on the wool for the Mid Coat? I have everything either in hand, or on order except for that material. (And actually the info for the outer coat, and the tunic came directly from this thread, so I owe you a BIG thank you for being so generous with the information! Not to mention going through the dye trials so we didn't have to. Going to check out the 501st thread now.)
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