Kylo Ren Soft Parts.

Yeah, I'm his girlfriend! I'm not going to Dragon*Con this year because honestly I didn't have any fun last year... but that has freed up all this time for me to make a costume for Lawnknome. So I thought I'd offer him my services. It's proving to be kind of a headache though! I keep finding fabrics that are close and would visually convince anyone not standing 2 inches from it, but nothing has been perfect so far. I'll consider signing up to that forum myself so I can stop making him post with me over his shoulder going "ok now ask this and post this..." but it's been really nice of him to help me. I just don't want us to wind up in the lower tier of accuracy that gets flushed out - though I've collectively spent over 10 hours actively searching for fabric both in person and online. He's seen how frustrating it's been for me and told me it doesn't -have- to get approved anymore, but it would be such a nice costume for him to troop in, his Revan is in need of repair right now and it's not very fun or comfortable to wear.

I contacted a company that sells the wool that was recommended and asked them for a close-up so I could see the knit:

For you guys on the bleeding edge of the costume development here I'd still venture to say that it will impossible to get every piece of the costume perfect on this first go around. Though we saw the actual costume for real in advance of the movie which is unheard of, there's still so much that you cannot see. Don't get discouraged if you have to (=want to) change something when the actual movie comes out and we can see better how the costume interacts with movement and get some better shots of the pants, midcoat and under tunic etc. It will still be amazing to be able to go to events prior to the launch with a costume that for the average fan looks totally perfect. :D


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I can say with complete certainty that merino is not the correct weave for the sleeves. The weave is far too refined and the threads are too fine to match the pattern.

That said, holy crap this is beautiful fabric! I'm definitely making something nice out of this stuff.


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I'll try and snap some. The company is wonderful. I got my fabric in quick and they shipped immediately.

I'm trying to meet some deadlines on 2 costumes for this week, so I might be a little late on getting the pictures, but I promise I'll do my best to make time and break out the camera.

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I'm sure you have seen these, but I'm just trying to contribute, I'd like to get in on buying a costume when this all gets figured out. Thank you hope these help.
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What fabric is the blanket made of? The pattern does look like a nice match. Did you post a link to it already? If so, I will go back and read. I used to be a 501st member and now my 17y/o son wants a Kylo Ren costume and it's almost like the "old" days when I used to try to figure out how to make all of my Star Wars costumes. :)


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I found the other thread and grabbed up both last queen and all 4 twin blankets. You saved me a trip to the garment district trying to hunt down something like this. Thank you so very much!! :)


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I always buy extra, just in case and considering the fact that I am dying this, I'm also taking into account possible shrinkage. However if enough is leftover for someone else to use, I will gladly sell it.


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Oh phew! I've been staring at it for hours. The piping on the edge of the pleating really makes it look like part of the pants. Thanks for clearing that up!
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