Jurassic Park Universal Style Guide for toys & merch


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Hi, guys! This is my first post.
I am a web / graphic designer and I have always been fascinated with the style of Jurassic Park and its merchandising, the colors, the fonts... to the point of making my own trading cards and exclusive designs


Some time ago I found out that before the premiere of the first movie, Universal put together a style guide that it offered along with the license, I saw some images and I loved it. Not only is it difficult to get an original, but being from Argentina, it is very expensive to import products.



So, I set out to put together a full vector version as correct as possible to the original.

The problem is that I cannot find many references, neither in google image, nor forums, nothing. Just some videos and images (that I leave below).
Has anyone the possibility to provide me some data? Whether they are measurements, more images, the text already typed, and don't even talk about whether you get scanned pages.

The work done so far (in only one day):


My references
The final idea is to distribute it freely.

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