jurassic park

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  1. Nanotyrannus

    Screen Used Jurassic Park and World

    Here are some really cool screen used Jurassic Park and Jurassic World in my movie prop collection, two of these from Jurassic Park are my top prized items in my prop collection! The weathered Jurassic Park hard hat was used from Colin Trevorrow's 2015 blockbuster sequel, Jurassic World. Zach...
  2. Serenity

    Done Barbasol Shaving Cream Can

    EDIT: Found one! Thanks so much! Anyone have a Barbasol shaving cream can to spare? Either the 11 or 10 oz is fine. I don't care about that small of a detail. Please send me a PM if you have anything!
  3. darthwhitey

    Jurassic Park Raptor Bust 1:1

    Jurassic Park Velociraptor (Raptor) 1:1 bust. Paint scheme loosely based on the JP3 style. Painted by Denver dinosaur painting expert Steve Riojas. This bust has a hanger on the back that is VERY sturdy for hanging on your wall with two screws into a stud. It hangs super close to the wall and...
  4. coffeehedake

    Jurassic Park - Federal Signal 191X (Mini)

    Hey everyone. I figured this would be a good place to post the progress of my Federal Signal 191X Replica, from the electrified fences in Jurassic Park. I'm miniaturizing these to adorn the top of some portable stanchions, to create a barrier around my motorpool Jeep. (JP58) When the 3D...
  5. M

    Jurassic park 1/5 scale bust painted

    This is my 1/5 scale t-rex bust. Made from hollow cast resin and painted with acrylics.
  6. johnylebleu

    My 2019 Jurassic park brochure

    Hello guys, Just want to share with you my new replica that I made. I wasn’t satisfied by the poor quality replica that we found around the forum and ebay so I decided to make my own. I had the opportunity to have high definition scan of an original an after some hours on photoshop I decided to...
  7. johnylebleu


    Hello folks, I know what you are going to say … An other replica of the brochure … i’ve already one in my collection. In fact you have not wrong but as you I bought « poor » replica by the past and I’ve always been a « maniac » on this prop (I don’t know why) and that why I decided to make my...
  8. TXTrooper

    Galactic Swag Expo 2019 July 27th & 28th

    I wanted to let everyone know that our 2nd Galactic Swag Expo will be on July 27th & 28th. This year we are teaming up with the Esports Stadium in Arlington, TX. Our first show last year went pretty well except for the flooding on Saturday but we still had a nice turn out. Along with even more...
  9. awol007

    Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane

    Working on version 3 of my John Hammond Cane. It does seem like there might be two different canes in the movie. The "stunt cane" seems to have much more weathering especially between each bone segment. Examples A and B: Whereas the "hero cane" seems to not have any weathering between the...
  10. simon830

    Jurassic Park Gate Model

    Been working on a thing. Always wanted a Jurassic park gate since I first saw the film but never found one within my price range. So I made one myself. I 3d designed it fully myself in blender which took a few days to get all the references and such and try and get a good size. So i went with...
  11. simon830

    Jurassic Gates

    Been working on a thing. Always wanted a Jurassic park gate since I first saw the film but never found one within my price range. So I made one myself. I 3d designed it fully myself in blender which took a few days to get all the references and such and try and get a good size. So i went with...
  12. yankeetrex

    Life Size Jurassic World Pteranodon Head

    Hey Everyone, Projects are happening fast and furious (As you can see with 3 threads in less then a month), with some actually getting small runs so i'm excited about those and will be sharing them with you soon! Anyway, Here is something that may or may not see a mold sometime soon. Really...
  13. Indy Magnoli

    A surprise in the mail...

    I just received this in the mail today, out of the blue: The note included said he knew I was looking for a Grant-style raptor claw and thought I'd enjoy this one. No signature, no name on the package... nothing. I've wanted one of these since I first saw Jurassic Park, so a big THANK YOU to...
  14. yankeetrex

    1:1 Scale Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex Bust Completed!

    Just like the blue bust I recently printed, I plan on Printing this in a large scale as well. I've had this project on the back burner for some time, but felt it was time to give it some love. Currently working on adding each scale 1 by 1. My wrist hurts,haha. I'll continue to update the...
  15. SpiderPhantom5

    Done / Completed DONE

    Ending this posting because I realized my old one is still here after the site relaunch
  16. DinoBritt

    Looking for Claire Dearing's Boots from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Does anybody know the screen accurate boots Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard ) wears in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom?
  17. Wailonskydog

    My Alan Grant Kit (Jurassic Park) All Together

    A costume 65 million years in the making! I've been assembling and or thinking about assembling this costume for over 10 years and finally have it all together and used it for Halloween this year. Here's all the pieces from the ground up: Timberland boots in wheat nubuck. I've had these...
  18. yankeetrex

    Cast and crew Jurassic Park Hammond cane value....

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased a cast and crew Hammond cane. Anyone know what the value is? I tried eBay, but no luck on the history function. Want to know if I got a good deal for 500. I know CC made replicas recently, but from what they guy told me he said these were made buy the same...
  19. yankeetrex

    Jurassic park Dinosaur projects from all of 2018...CG and Model Paint Work PIC HEAVY

    Hey Everyone, since 2018 was the Release of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom I was determined to up the amount of projects I did for the year, culminating in a 1 off 9th Scale 3d printed T-rex. Here Are the Pictures of that and the rest of my current and past projects... T-rex CG...
  20. Mike J.

    Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Screenings, Sept. 2018

    https://www.fathomevents.com/events/jurassic-park-25th-anniversary A few months after the actual anniversary, but I'll take any opportunity to see JP on the big screen again. Three different days, the 16th (Sunday), 18th (Tuesday) and 19th (Wednesday). They're also gonna show the fan-made...
  21. robbytherobot

    Jurassic Park Cryocan - New Detail Found?

    Hey guys, currently in the process of building a cryocan, I've been scouring the Blu-Ray for any and all clear pics of the can, rack, and tubes, and I noticed something that never gets mentioned, and have never seen on any of the existing replicas, not even Rylo's. There's a conical section on...
  22. TheDragon

    Where To Buy Jurassic Park Hammond cane Amber eggs

    Hi, I have been looking around for an Amber egg for the top of my Hammond cane since i didn't want to cast one myself. is there any particular places to get one?
  23. Mike J.

    Dr. Alan Grant, Jurassic Park (1993)

    Put this together months ago in preparation for the 25th anniversary. Not super accurate; but not intended to be. More of a mid-grade replica. From top to bottom: Hat: Straw hat from eBay ($38), reshaped & painted, hat band added (see below). Not super accurate, and actually wearing a loaner...
  24. SpiderPhantom5

    Done / Completed Jurassic Park— Alan Grant's Velociraptor Claw Fossil

    Hello everyone! This is a replica of Alan Grant's Velociraptor claw fossil from the film Jurassic Park. "A six inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the middle toe." - Alan Grant Like in the movie, this replica measures about six inches along the curve, and has asymmetrical sides— one side...
  25. C

    Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom: Owen Grady Costume

    Hello people of the RPF im Cosplay Zack and I need some help. I'm wanting to cosplay as Owen Grady from JWFK. I already ordered his paratrooper clicker that he uses for raptor training. I just need help with everything else. If anyone has any tips I will be more then happy to hear them...

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