1. yaeru

    Jurassic Park Universal Style Guide for toys & merch

    Hi, guys! This is my first post. I am a web / graphic designer and I have always been fascinated with the style of Jurassic Park and its merchandising, the colors, the fonts... to the point of making my own trading cards and exclusive designs Some time ago I found out that before the...
  2. Dazza007

    Han in Carbonite - Kiwi Build

    Hi All, My first post here, but it looks like the perfect place to chronicle my Han in Carbonite Build. I'll try and keep an accurate BOM for anyone interested in creating their own. And the plans I created for the box and base I'll add to the second post. So I started with Wes Cokes Mold...
  3. GoodSamaritan

    Blaster, disaster, and everything in between

    Greetings everyone, Ive been learning Fusion 360 over the last few weeks and been trying my hand at making some Star Wars inspired blasters, as well as recreating some already existing designs. Ive created all of them to be easily 3D printed with minimal waste for supports and easy assembly. I...
  4. surfjester20

    Need help scaling

    I am very new to cosplay and I am currently trying to scale my design so that I can print the appropriate size on a standard sheet of printer paper. I am having a lot of trouble doing this. Could anyone offer me any tips? I have a Windows PC operating system and use adobe for most of my print...
  5. Dutchy

    Terminator T-800 Black re-design resin printed

    Hello and good day, Not so long ago i build a T-800 Arm according to 3D files someone made and posted on Thingiverse (a website for 3D files to share), after building this i really like the color when it was covered in black primer before applying the chrome paint finish. So instead of building...
  6. Jerrychappell

    Prop design help: impaled actor

    Hi, I’m hoping to get some assistance on designing a prop. I have a theatre piece where I need to design a “metal hook” on the wall that holds a lantern, but also impales an actor during a stage combat fight. For safety reasons I don’t want anything remotely dangerous. I was thinking some sort...
  7. XilianX2010

    Dragon Bio Design Concepts - Rough Sketches

    Hey all! It's been awhile since I've posted something here! I want to get back into making a Predator mask and bio helmet and I already had some designs in mind. I used PredtrHuntr's lineart as a template and sketched two "Dragon-Styled" bio helmets. (I love me some Dragons, so if I were ever to...
  8. Female Predator

    Female Predator

    An original design thinking on how should be the girls of this species.