Judge Minty- Fan Film trailer, based on the world of Judge Dredd

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    Some of you may be aware already (but for those of you who don't!) work has been ongoing on a short fan film based on the amazing 2000AD world of Judge Dredd.
    We have just released a short work-in-progress based trailer on YouTube:

    YouTube - Judge_Minty_Teaser.mp4

    You can follow our progress online through the blog:

    Judge Minty - A Fan Film

    and by checking out the costuming thread here on the RPF for further pics,
    and also by looking at the ongoing thread over on 2000AD's website (phew!):
    Judge Minty (Judge Dredd fan film)

    The last major shoot date is at the beginning of September, and we aim to release as soon as possible afterwards- our realistic aim is very late 2010, early 2011.

    We hope you are encourage by the work done so far, and look forward to updating as work comes to its finale !

    2000AD and Judge Dredd are IP's owned by Rebellion.
    Judge Minty is a non-profit fan film and has no connection, nore should one be should be inferred, with Rebellion.
  2. Wes R

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    Looks really good so far.
  3. propsculptor

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    This is looking really good! I look forward to seeing more!
  4. Megamicrofish

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    Very Impressive, Can't wait to see the finished film.
  5. Wes R

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    I'm more impressed by fan films than the big budget hollywood ones. The metal gear fan movie is a good example, guess its because the fans know what folks want and don't have to deal with BS like hollywood does.
  6. dualedge

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    That looks awesome IMHO. It's cool that fan films are starting to show Hollywood the right way to do stuff. Definitely raising the bar here...
  7. 28injection

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    Very impressive, its really got the look, especially the actor playing Minty.
  8. Noeland

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    The footage looks great! Really well done.

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