I am doing a Batman Fan film and its loosely based off Stan Lee's short run.


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Title: "Once Upon a Dark Knight"

"Once Upon a Dark Knight" intricately weaves the gripping tale of Wayne Williams, a determined young African-American man, as he embarks on a mission to avenge his parents' tragic deaths within the treacherous streets of Havenport City, situated across the harbor from the infamous Gotham City. Leveraging his father's life insurance, Wayne strategically builds his wealth and seeks the expertise of Chico, a brilliant Mexican cyber hacker and inventor on parole, to fashion a sophisticated Batman suit and an arsenal of cutting-edge bat gadgets, shrouding his identity in secrecy as he embraces his vigilante persona.

The film follows Wayne's journey from a struggling young man working at a mini-market to his imprisonment, where he encounters both despair and hope. With the guidance of a fellow inmate, a physicist named Frederick Grant, Wayne undergoes rigorous mental and physical training, preparing himself for the challenges that lie ahead.

Immersed in the perilous world of crime-fighting, Wayne forms an enduring alliance with Chico, relying on his technological prowess to navigate the intricate web of corruption and deceit woven throughout Havenport City. Together, they confront a series of formidable challenges, employing their intellect and resourcefulness to thwart the pervasive criminal elements lurking in the city's shadows.

Amid the chaos, Wayne's path converges with that of Nia Johnson, a strong and independent presence whose unwavering support and empowering spirit offer solace and guidance. As their bond deepens, Nia becomes an anchor for Wayne, grounding him amidst the turmoil of his relentless pursuit of justice. Their relationship serves as a testament to the resilience found in human connections, even amidst the darkest of circumstances.

"Once Upon a Dark Knight" presents a compelling narrative that delves into themes of love, sacrifice, and the enduring power of the human spirit, all within the gritty and enigmatic backdrop of Havenport City. With a dynamic ensemble cast, the film captures Wayne's transformation into a symbol of hope and justice, showcasing the resilience and unwavering determination that define the essence of a true hero. As Wayne's journey unfolds, the film builds towards a climactic confrontation that will test his resolve and redefine the very meaning of heroism.


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My offhand reaction - it's Stan Lee's Batman with a thicker story and more supporting characters.

Yeah, that could work.

Sounds like an interesting project.

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