Jedi training!

I definately need the Comanders Cupola and the truck axel brackets.

I have the 1/48 Bandai PinPoint Panther G and the 1/48 Otaki Panther Type G. Neither have the propper part.

Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie on this forum.
I was wondering if anyone still had any left-over parts or a kit of some kind available? I'm not getting my hopes up...but I thought I'd ask! Thanks!
I am building a remote. I have the ball and wrecker. Does any body offer resin casts of the other parts? It would same me a lot of searching. Thanks
Hey Frank:
Thanks for posting. I'm looking for the small bits. I have the ball and truck rims and can make the styrene pieces. I can certianly track down kits and or cast parts, but seems like a lot of work. If you can help out that would be great. On a side note, I am also looking for accurate dimensions on the Thermal detonator. The 6cm listed in the best of lucas book seems small. I saw it at MOM and I'm sure it's less than 3 inches as I had made one from 3inch arcrylic ball halves, but 2.5 inches seems tiny.


Perrin S.
You need the 1/48 Scale Panther...or Jagpanther.
And some rubber to mold them.
...all the parts are in there.
I dont have Thermal parts..or demensions.

Can anyone please tell me the cheapest place to get a 6-inch ball or two 6-inch hemispheres? I went to a place today and they wanted $60 each for the two hemisheres!!!
Hey FC. Tank kit is prooving to be a tough find, I'm still interested in cast parts. Any body els offer them? THANKS
I had a *ton* of parts, but my project sort of petered out when I was unable to locate one, final part. Argh!

Anyway, I've got enough rims for at least two extra remotes and I may have more than one complete tank kit. Not sure on that however. I'll check my stash and see. If you're interested in a set of rims, drop me an e-mail at I think about $20 shipped per set would be fair enough.

I feel my motivation returning. Thanks guys!

I was missing the little "cannon" looking piece that is placed around the truck rim.

The Parts Of Star Wars website lists it as being part #3 from a Tamiya 1/48 Panther G. I have a couple of Bandai 1/48 Panthers, but none by Tamiya.

That part #3 is from the bandai 1/48 panther, not the tamiya.

I now have all the parts and I'm just waiting on some RTV and the resin to mold them. Will post some pics soon.

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