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I´m putting together a JTR, from scratch! I´ve been lucky to get hold of some bits myself, and some help from a friend.
I´m missing 2 pieces, the rims and the Tank "tower" (panther tank 1/4

Does anyone if You have the pieces i´m looking for, recast or if You have one piece over, that i can buy from You.

Send me a PM.


I saw the information on and was inspired as well. I picked up a Hasegawa 1/72 Sherman (looks like I will need to get a second one) and should be able to track down an ERTL 1/24 trailer.

Will there be enough axel brackets in one trailer kit for a remote?

I might be able to track down a 1/48 Panther model - are the Furman, Tamiya and Bandai also work?
Would 8 of these kits be needed - for the cupolas?
How many gunports or (part #3) are in the Panther kit?

I suppose one could mold and cast some of these parts - it's always a good reason to learn molding. In that case, would their be enough tread pieces in one kit for a remote? Would there be extra tread pieces with which to use in making a replica thermal detonator?

Would one still be able to get copies of some of the pieces from anyone out there - notably extra cupolas, gunports, and (part #3)?

Thanks for your help.

I know the AMT Peterbilt wrecker has enough chrome rims, if you don't mind using both varieties (with lugnuts and without, both of which appear on the prop). I dunno about the trailer.
Would the wrecker have enough of the axle brackets - it looks like we would need 8, right?

I know next to nothing about the rest of the donor parts for the remote (mine is one of Frank's castings, so I've never needed to look into it), but you can look through my scans of the Peterbilt wrecker parts trees here:

Click on "kit photos".
That's a very helpful site!

It looks like the Panther kit will have just enough (8 ) of the treads (part 4 - pic 8 ), but only one of parts 18 (need 16!), part 26 (need 8 ), part 15 (need 8 ). There also seems to be 4 of other part 3 (need 16). Looks like I will have to try to cast copies of the pieces.

The Peterbilt Wrecker seems to have enough of the rims but I couldn't see abything in the pics that looked like the axle bracket - from

The wrecker will give you enough of the proper chromed rims but it does not come with the axel brackets. You will have to get a Kenworth T-600 or something similar for the axle brackets.
Hi Frank. It was your info that I saw on partsofsw. I had sent you an email from your site as well.

I still have to get the second Hasegawa, and see if I can order the Panther and Trailer/wrecker.

If I get the Trailer, I should be set for rims and axle brackets - otherwise I would probably need the brackets.

The Panther I will probably need to learn to mold due to the needed number of cupolas, hatches etc versus the number that comes in the kit - mostly 1. Depending on the molding, I'll probably have to mold all 8 so they match. I'll still need to pick up the model for the treads (plus I can use the soft treads for the thermal detonator).

Of course, I will know better once I find out which kits I can get. Either way, if I could get extra cupolas and commander rings, that would save me molding them if someone already has. There will probably be a few of the other pieces - I'll know later.

Thanks all.

I had a bunch molded...somewhere.
They were Solid. Not hollowed..I used to hallow them out with a dremel. The brackets are molded you cant find any...let me know.
Im currently out of resin though.
Unless I use some thats been dyed.

Keep me posted on your luck..Ill see if I can find those cupulos.

You guys probably don't know me as I mostly lurk around here because I'm pretty new to prop replicating and modelling.

So far I've built a full scale R2-D2 (radio controlled) for props and as far as models go I've only done kits as a kid and haven't done one in years. I have a renewed interest in model building especially scratchbuilt studio scale models.

For practice I've picked up the Pro-Shop X-wing kit to get back in shape but my first scratch built model will be the Jedi Training Remote (ah ha, here's where I get back on topic)
as I feel it will be a relatively simple model to start with.

I've read the POSW site (great resource BTW) to get all the kits required to build this model.

Anyway, my question is: Is there a "kit" available of just the parts required from those kits available anywhere (ie resin copies)

I know it's "cheating" and the fun is the "thrill of the hunt" and all, but was just curious if there was an easier solution. Even if there is somewhere to get say just one of each part. I plan to eventually learn resin casting and moulding so these parts would be a good learning experience.

Please excuse me if this question is out of line. I will edit if required.

Thanks for any help you can provide and my apologies if this requested is not approppriate here. Please PM me if you can help.

I used to sell resin castings of the ball.
Everything was already on.

Dont sell em anymore. Might start selling just far not much demand.

I will be offering a MR Accurizing kit soon...they used a part off of my resin idea why. I sell castings of the real part...and will post a HOW TO on my site soon.
Frank (brundelfly) I have pm´d You about some questions!
I have all the parts, except the Cupola piece and that part that is the wrong part on the MR: I sent You some money some weeks ago, I hope You have got it.
Please PM me.


Okay - got second Hasegawa.
Wasn't able to get the ERTL trailer after all so I ended up getting the Peterbilt Tractor - has the rims but I will either need axel brackets or measurements of same to scrathbuild.
They did carry some 1/48 armor but it seems the line they carry doesn't have a Panther. I will have to check online again - I thought I came across one somewhere.

What's on the poles of the remote?

OKay - have two 1/48 Panthers - one of which is the Bandai PinPoint series - neither have the right commander's hatch. Is there a specific model I should be looking for?

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