Is eFX and Hasbro FX missing the boat?

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Even if they could/were allowed to do it, it would cost them more to negotiate a change in their license; and less expensive costuming replicas are in a different class already covered by existing licensees, what can they really do?

Well I guess both of us are under different assumptions. You seem to believe that efx has a license that is restrictive to particular props and scale models. I am under the assumption that efX has a wide birth for props and scaled replicas. I really don't know. I am pretty sure that LFL has to make approval on all prototypes before going to production. We know they can do lower cost objects because they are making the stunts.

I think Rubies lightsabers (and maybe their blasters too) have to go through Hasbro. You will notice a Hasbro logo on the back of the packaging. I also remember reading something about it in a Q&A online.

I do not know what happened to get Hasbro in the FX saber game. It seems that that became a separate license from the other prop replicas when it left MR.

I also believe their was talk by MR to do FX blasters but like a lot of their plans as ownership changed hands, it never came to be. So in another assumption, I sort of feel like that Hasbro might have the license to do so if they wanted.

Now I admit (if you all will) that I do not know what Efx's resources are such as production space, manpower, equipment. I also do not know what their opportunity costs would be to do these items instead of the types they do now. I also do not know what the fixed costs and variable costs, Direct maintenance cost and direct labor costs are. So I am not going to pretend I know that it is economic for my idea. On the other hand, unless you know those things, you should not pretend to know it is not economical.

All I was trying to convey is that I think there is a large fan base who would like such things made. The QMx stunt phaser for $50 and it appears to be popular. I believe that there are some items of SW that could be done the same way by those who (if they) do have the license.

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On the other hand, unless you know those things, you should not pretend to know it is not economical.

Not sure if that was directed at me? I did work for MR for three years or so, fwiw.

Stunt blasters are a WHOLE different animal then lightsabers - with toy gun laws becoming more and more restrictive, it was something MR tried to do back in the day, and has only grown more impossible now with all the new restrictive legislation.

I DO think Hasbro and eFX are completely different types of companies with completely different business models. Truth be told, factor in the economy, market saturation, waning interest, not a whole lot of people getting rich in collectibles these days.

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No worries, it's all good. fwiw, I *do* think it would be great if someone could step up and make less expensive, but still cool, quality stuff. You're right about the Qmx phaser; great example - kind of like those "CE" lightsaber(s) MR did, and the stunt sabers eFX is working on. Woulda killed for those at Halloween when I was a kid, lol...
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