Is eFX and Hasbro FX missing the boat?

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[It seems to me that eFX Collectibles and Hasbro FX line are missing out on some key desires of collectors.

While eFx done some lower priced items like the stunt saber, they seem to miss other opportunities for low cost prop replicas that would have mass appeal. I am talking about non-limited edition, no stands and reasonable materials. Why not make jedi gear (comlinks, aqua breathers, food caps etc…), Imperial comlinks, Yavin medals, jedi remote, droid callers, to name a few. I think their great detail of the stunt sabers for $100 shows they can do such things and those seem to sell out pretty fast. Come on, QMx is making you look bad. They sell a stunt phaser for $50. And why offer them for such a limited time? I understand they probably have limited resources so they cannot produce new items while others older are being produced but at least revisit them after a couple years (like Hasbro does with action figures). Please stop only focusing on big expensive items for a few hundred people. There are millions of fans out there that have money to spend.

And hey Hasbro FX line. Where are the FX blasters? Where are the FX thermal detonators? There is so much more than just lightsaber.
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Hasbro can do impressive things and then they do something stupid and makes you wonder what they were thinking. I was happy to see that the upcoming improvements in the toy lightsabers. That gives me a little hope. I still think they are stupid for not having the re-issued Stormtrooper rifle with the stock like they did in the 77-83 run. And the thing is, people always ask Hasbro about it during Q&A. Don't you get it? WTF?
Hasbro is just as bad with their Transformer and GI joe line. The lines based on the 80s cartoon and newer games sell really well while movie ones do okay but they flood the market with movie figures every time and sales drop as there are too many. Every time I go into walmart I hardly see any SW stuff on the shelves. I'm not sure if it's selling or they're not stocking it. I don't even see the sabers on the shelves around here.
It's like Hasbro likes to mess with the fans of their biggest selling toy lines.
Seems like walmarts all over aren't restocking much. The one near us is remodeling and shrunk all the departments other than electronics. I think soon half this stuff is going to be online only from their site. We so need a toys r us.
I miss when Kmart had 3 isles of gi joe and transformers. Hills was always awesome. I just miss stores with layaway. Kmart has it but they want 25% down or some crap like that.
I think your problem there is your list of items. I don't see them being big sellers to the masses, to be honest.

If they made a LE version of a jedi comlink, for example, they'd probably be able to sell out the 3500 allotment or whatever. I can't honestly say they sell enough to justify an unlimited run. The point of doing endless runs is to sell something the public will eat up. Those items just don't come across as something the public would even care about. If your audience are prop boards and place like rebelscum, well, they'd sell there, but not enough for unlimited runs.

I like the request for the qui-gon saber :) They'd have to change the design a lot unless they could fit the electronics and batteries in the first 3ish inches of the hilt.
It depends on a price point. A $100 comlink, no. A $25 comlink, now you got something. How many Jedi do you see at conventions? Then figure closet jedi, then figure prop collectors, then figure general SW collectors. With the jedi stuff you could put them in a package deal and market them for the Museum Replica costumes.
To do it at 25 bucks, though, you've probably gotta a sell a crapload and a half to break even since considering design, parts, materials, and licensing. I could be wrong, but I just don't see the numbers.

If the comlink actually worked as a walky talky or something - that'd be something else. As a static piece, I don't see it.

As a big star wars and prop fan. I doubt i'd get one for $25. Not much in that list appeals to me. It may just be me, i dunno. I could be interested in a medal or training remote or interrogation droid. But not sure past that.
Well they may not all be winning ideas. But think the is a target market out there they are ignoring that would be both welcoming to collectors and profitable to the manufactures.

The issue is pricepoint. When Lucasfilm (or another studio) grants a license, they allow companies to sell their offerings in specific classes: i.e. Master Replicas was allowed to sell lightsabers from $100.00 and up - not below. Below that, costumed and role playing items belonged to other companies. Even if, say, eFX wanted to sell $25.00 Yavin Medallions, I don't believe their current licensing agreement would allow for this. While exceptions are granted, the major companies: Rubies, QMX, Musuem Replicas, Anovos, eFX, Hasbro, Gentle Giant, etc. are really only allowed to make certain items in specific categories, and not step on one another's toes. Hope that makes sense.
I'd guess that the company that would have that 'license' would be either hasbro or rubies. How hasbro got FX sabers, i don't know, unless that's a side deal between MR/EFX and Hasbro. I'd lean more towards Rubies having it and they're not really know for that great of stuff.
EFX is missing the boat on blasters, and the logistical reasons they give not to do them don't hold water. I think they just don't want the hassle. I bet they could move 5000 Scout Trooper blasters. I bet they'd clean up with a Boba ESB. Heck, I'm not even collecting anymore and I'd probably crack to have that one. Cad Bane blasters would have taken off back in TCW Season 2 when he was all the rage.
I know all that.

Then not sure how eFX specifically is missing the boat? Even if they could/were allowed to do it, it would cost them more to negotiate a change in their license; and less expensive costuming replicas are in a different class already covered by existing licensees, what can they really do?

I dunno, I see what you're saying, but not sure they'd be allowed to even if they wanted to? Wasn't someone making accessories for Museum Replicas? Can't recall...

Best solution: The RPF ;)
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