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    Hi All,

    i am thinking about purchasing a 3D printer to further my iron man builds, the printer i am looking at has a printable area of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm which is described as very large, i have found a few files on here which i would love to start printing when i get one but dont know if the size of the printer would accommodate the files, having a look at the threads they don't specify what size printer you will need to print them, i am sorry if i have missed this completely in these threads but any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Many people have many different printers. They simply cut the files into pieces small enough for them to print.
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    Here's the skinny. I used a 200mm^3 3d printer extensively in my War Machine build. I even uploaded a few of the *.stls to a thread here. Your large body sections are still better off being crafted via foam or pepakura due to time and weight, but for everything else, a printer is clutch. Feel free to message me or reply here if you have any specific questions.

    Just a side note, to print an iron man helmet you would need about 12" cubed or larger. Some printers are starting to get to that size. *edit (12" cubed to print the helmet in one go. I met a girl from lulzbot last year who printed a bunch of master chief helmets in smaller pieces and glued them all together, so it can be done that way as well, just time consuming)

    Also checkout xrobots youtube videos.
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    200x200x200mm is 8x8x8"... It's a good size, but by no means "very large"

    And as has been said already, you can cut the models into smaller pieces to accommodate your printer
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    thanks guys much appreciated! i think i have decided on which printer now and just have up my skills on the programs to be able to cut the files into manageable sections and look t keep part of my foam build but use the printer for detailing for a much better effect.

    thank again!!

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