Interest Indiana Jones Last Crusade Grail Shield

Barking Dragon

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No issues here with the delay GG. The fact that you made a new mold instead of trying to skimp using a defect mold deserves acknowledgment and thanks.


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I would agree!!! (y)
I was on the waiting list for the second run, since July 9, 2016!!
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GG responded to me on post #112 about getting on the list but it wouldn’t be until after Christmas. Since both you and are obviously interested but haven’t paid or waited as long as others my guess is that GG is using his time wisely to take care of them first. I think it’s safe to say we’ll get on the list though. Just thought I’d mention that in case you missed his response to me.


Hi, not sure why you didn't answer me yet!? I made several posts and sent you several pm. :(

I would still love to be added to your list. Can you put me down for one shield incl. 2 hangers for Germany please?

That would be kind, thank you!
I'm sure he's busy like everyone else around the holidays. I haven't received a reply to any of my PMs either. And I've been on the wait list since Mar 2017.


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Hey Gordon, I posted interest on this a while back... would definitely love one if any extras are available. Many Thanks!!
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G.G. will be the first to admit he is slow on posting and messages but he always comes through with amazing props, great service, etc. He knows he misses some messages so he does not mind if you send him messages again, reminders, etc.

Rest assured he will deliver and you will love it.

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Anyone receive their Shield or at least a tracking number? The first batch was supposed to go out December 21st so I figured someone would of received their Shield by now. I'd write GG about it, but he hasn't been on the forum since December 19th.

Gordon Gekko

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All right my good RPF'ers! Probably my bad for offering these around the Holidays. Things never go the way you want this time of year.


Shields are rolling out the door! The first batch is away and I am posting the Shipping order and timeframe below. I am hoping to have the people who are listed for the 14th and the 17th actually out sooner.

I am also upgrading all shields to include hangers on the back. Thanks so much for the patience you ALL have shown me.

And again, to everyone else who has expressed interest: I have you down on my external list and I will contact you once this run is well in hand. (Soon)

The List:

1. GeoffMartin3299 Shipped 1-7
2. bill fimm Shipped 1-7
3. warrenhouck Shipped 1-7
4. Eurojunkman Shipped 1-7
5. Nasedo Shipped 1-7
6. Barking Dragon Shipping 1-14
7. RobI Shipping 1-14
8. rlr2000 Shippng 1-14
9. KingJames Shipping 1-14
10. Nakanokalronin Shipping 1-14
11. Ljaat Shipping 1-17
12. HaggardSage Shipping 1-17
13. Joe310blk Shipping 1-17
14. allosaur176 Shipping 1-17
15. bigkilo Shipping 1-17
16. glottis Shipping 1-17




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Hi Gordon, I sent you a PM but haven't received a reply, I'm not sure I've done it right under the new system, but I'd appreciate it if you could have a look. Thank you!