Interest Indiana Jones Last Crusade Grail Shield

Gordon Gekko

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Just seeing if there is enough interest in a new run of Sir Richards shield from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I need to produce one for a member and since I have the molds dusted off!
The shields are fullsize at 21" X 44" and are cast in fiberglass. The shield comes completely painted and ready to display.
Price as follows:

$175+ $45 shipping in the U.S.
Due to size restrictions I cannot ship these outside the U.S. without it being very expensive. At least $90

Post here, or PM me if you are interested.

Paint01.jpg Paint02.jpg
Paint03.jpg Rust01.jpg

Current order shipping list as of 1-7-19

The List:

1. GeoffMartin3299 Shipped 1-7
2. bill fimm Shipped 1-7
3. warrenhouck Shipped 1-7
4. Eurojunkman Shipped 1-7
5. Nasedo Shipped 1-7
6. Barking Dragon Shipping 1-14
7. RobI Shipping 1-14
8. rlr2000 Shippng 1-14
9. KingJames Shipping 1-14
10. Nakanokalronin Shipping 1-14
11. Ljaat Shipping 1-17
12. HaggardSage Shipping 1-17
13. Joe310blk Shipping 1-17
14. allosaur176 Shipping 1-17
15. bigkilo Shipping 1-17
16. glottis Shipping 1-17
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I wouldn't be able to swing it right now, but I'd be interested if it's going to be a bit before they're done.

Gordon Gekko

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I actually have these ready. I just need to figure out exactly how USPS has been screwing around with their shipping sizes. Right now, it looks like these will be a U.S. only run, they're just too big to ship outside the U.S. I will be sending info to all interested tomorrow.



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WOW!!! will these be painted and weathered the same quality as pictured?
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