Interest Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - Claw Cup for Monkey Head 360€ SHIPPED


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Hi guys!
I back on this project after more than 10 years! think this prop is a MUST HAVE for all people that bought a Monkey Head kit from Sporak or other monkey heads around!
Yesterday I received a call from factory that told me that it have some stock materials and could offer me some work for a NEVER SEEN price!!! This is the lower price I ever offered for a Claw Cup!
All of you know the story of the prop released 11/12 years ago.
This Claw Cup was entirely handmade and handsculpet! All reference pics come directly from the original prop
If I'll have enough interest I'll proceed to realize it! I need at least 10 peoples in list to start production!
Total piece that will be produced is 20 pieces!

This cup will be made in 2 difference parts. Seeing the HD screenshot from the Banquet scene, you can see that cup very detailed!
Part 1 - All cup, from top to bottom. This part will be made in pewter!
Part 2 - Little decoration on top of the bowl. This part will be made in brass, gold-plated.

METAL Claw Cup:
First 10 people that take this spot will have this price - 10 Cups: 270€ SHIPPED
Remained 10 Cups will have this price: 360€ SHIPPED

This is a very discontinued run, so this can be stopped for other 4/5 years... or maybe other 10 years!
Claw Cup is not ready to ship! Production will start after 10 quotes will be received! If I'll not receive 10 quotes I'll proceed to refund peoples in list.
I need the FULL PAYMENT to put your name in the list, otherwise I'll go to the next buyer. First come first served!

Thanks to all!

LIST FOR 270€ (SHIPPED) Claw Cup:
1 -
probablyjarrett DHL TRACKING: 7505450886
2 -
Snowtrooper DHL TRACKING: 6931667050
3 -
rockbottom DHL TRACKING: 3123474561
4 -
kevin926 DHL TRACKING: 6931749031
5 -
glottis DHL TRACKING: 5172726731
6 -
doriang DHL TRACKING: 5172717852
7 -
8 -
JCR726 (COW) DHL TRACKING: 5172721864
9 -
Snowtrooper DHL TRACKING: 6931667050
10 -
shinema DHL TRACKING: 7505456151
LIST FOR 360€ (SHIPPED) Claw Cup:
1 -
sandbags DHL TRACKING: 5172736601
2 -
Jordi Jones Jr DHL TRACKING: 5172823456
3 -
Bruce PAID
4 -
5 -

This project (like 90% of my project) will be a limited and unique run, don't miss it ;)





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I'm throwing PropReplicator2 under the bus. :lol: He is a really good sculptor and mold maker and he's currently working on sculpting the monkeys head.


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