Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Cross of Coronado wearable pendant


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I've always admired the Cross of Coronado from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. A few years ago I acquired a metal replica of the prop which I love having in my collection. As cool as the replica prop is, it is large, heavy and not wearable. I decided to make a smaller pendant of the movie prop that can be worn and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Wearable size Cross of Coronado pendant
3.25 inch tall in size
Antique brass plated metal
Imitation pearls
Lacquer paint
(Quarter & stands are not included in sale.)

Payment info: $37.00 to Paypal address: Please include your address. If outside US please send PM for shipping quote.
Shipping will be by USPS Ground Advantage mail. Glad to answer any questions, Thanks for looking. :)
Cross 3.jpgCross back.jpgCross front and back.jpg
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Hi there, how much would shipping be to the UK? Looks great!

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Normally $26 USD, but I've listed a few on Ebay and with their Global Shipping program the shipping costs are much more affordable. If you'd like me to PM you a link just let me know.

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