Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - Manual Inserts

I actually did try the same XD. Yours is pretty fine, I like how you did the little stamps markings. I wouldn't add the "INDIANA JONES" text, it doesn't have sense for it to be there.

(Also, another little detail, you missed the "Cr." from "Rockville Cr." on the left side of the ticket. It probably happened when removing the VOID stamp. Don't worry, I almost missed it too as well while doing mine XD)

Taking a closer inspection to the one that appears on the leaflet, the city names that appear on the sides are slightly different to the ones from the ticket I found. Maybe a variation of the same model, or from a different year?
Oxley, I totally agree with you about the "I wouldn't add the INDIANA JONES text, it doesn't have sense for it to be there. ". So for further work on it what should we prefer? "Scan" or "period/logical" reproductions ?
I mean, the manual is, first and foremost, a videogame manual. It is using and imitating the style of period documents, but its main purpose is to sell and explain how the game works.

I would say that, from a propmaking and replicating point of view, it is more fun to recreate those documents as if the manual was the actual diary Indy used in 1935; trying to remove the parts of the manual that "break the fourth wall", if I explain myself.
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Thanks for starting this topic Oxley, it looks a lot of fun. I've recreated the a blank version of the setup and installation form from the start of the manual.


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I took a stab at the health board notice from the xbox and PS2 versions of the manual. Only the header and footer are in-universe so i've put in some traveller information about tropical diseases to replace the body of the text. I wasn't able to find the specific caduceus used so had a bit of a try at recreating it, If someone finds the original source let me know.


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That's a great take on the health notice! I'm a big fan of your version of the caduceus, and tying it to the Ceylon chapter is a nice touch.
I decided to revisit the training manual, changing the fonts to slightly more accurate ones, as well as making the next two pages.

The added text comes from a marine fighting manual, and the figures are from different WWII fighting manuals.

I included a blank version of page 1, so you can give it your try, or make new pages. Have on mind that both pages have different number codes in the upper right, and that the text on the bottom is related to the chapter the text is talking about.


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Having drawings from WWII manuals is a bit anachronistic, and the second page has a "Declassified" stamp, which means that the manual is a bit old during 1935. Because of that I made an alternate version, with drawings from a WWI manual instead.


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Please, by all means! Would be nice to figure out a proper diary mixing what little can be seen on the manual and the narrative of the game.

Speaking of the game, I forgot to post these texture files. They are supposed to be blackboard decorations for the classroom cinematic, but they are diagrams and maps related to the Ceylon level, and could be nice doodles for diary filler.


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Hello All! I have been a member for a while now, but I never really posted anything, so I'm glad I can contribute in some way with this.
More than a decade ago, I started a thread in the old Club Obi Wan (nowadays called Indy I think?) about recreating some of the fake documents and inserts that appear as theming in the manual for the 2003 game Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb.

Link to an online pdf of the manual

Also a link to the original 2010 thread, back at the Club Obi Wan forum (sorry for my english back then, it was a while ago XD)

I recently found some files, some of them not avaliable anymore, of the different props some members were able to recreate. I find the concept that interesting, and some of the recreations were that well made, that I though about bringing it up again, and trying to pinpoint and remake these inserts, as if they were actual documents.

I am not going to share the files I have that were made by other members, but if any of them are still online, and want to participate again, they are more than welcomed.

I will post for now the unedited, historical documents that were found back then, and some of my own recreations. Hope you guys are interested on this little project, its very rare to see theming and historical research as deep and complex on a videogame manual like this one.

Thanks for sharing some of them will make great inserts in my Indiana Jones journal
Hello again! It has been a while! I haven't had much time to work on this these past months.
I decided to continue to work a bit on it, trying to remake the drawings representing the different countries that appear on the game.

For now I made three, the two Ceilan ones, using both the manual and the version of the drawings that appears on the game. I also attemped to remake the Prague Astronomical Clock doodle, using both the part that appears on the manual and photos of the actual clock.


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Btw, the original heraldry clipart website is sadly gone. The best I can do rn is upload the very few cliparts I had downloaded, the ones that are used on the stamps and the hotel logo.

I will also upload the version of the Barnett College and National Museum insignias that were made years ago in the original Obiwan Club thread. They are not mine, but I worry that now that the website is gone they are no longer possible to replicate, so I feel that at least it is a way to maintain them and in some way the original cliparts.


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Just found this thread and remembered my own Emperors Tomb Diary. >Here's< my thread.
I'm sure I able to contribute some data, but I have to read this thread first to make sure not to post any doubles or lesser qualities.


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Hey, thank you for wanting to contribute! I'm watching your version of the diary and I'm a big fan. I'm intrigued about the version of the Zeppelin Post envelope that you used, and specially the source for the playing card. Also I'm a big fan of the text on both the doctor's memo and the Barnett College's one.

I appreciate any help, however I would be a bit careful with any resources that are from other members. It is known that there is people stealing other's work on this section of the forum, and then selling it for their own profit. So I would prefer to, either ask for permission from the original author, post only the resources so anyone can replicate the prop on their own, or, if the original sources are gone, post it with a warning.

Thank you so much for being interested! I'm honestly surprised by the amount of progress we managed to make with this silly thread.
Yes, that's the problem with my data. Back then I grabbed whatever I could find. After ten years I neither could remember where it came from nor whos creation it was.
But the files of historical documents, stamps for e.g. are pretty comon and easy to find.

I made some inserts by myself and altered nearly every digital file to upgrade the quality.
The text of the doctors memo is from >this site<. The symbol is a scan of the diary. The rest was made by me with "Word" and "Paintshop Pro".

The Zeppelin Post envelope was downloadable in an Indy forum as far as I remember.
I have no clue where the playingcards came from. And it's only a small pic - 436 x 317.


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If you want to share any of the files you made, please you are welcomed!
Looking at the screenshot of your files, I may have an idea of where the card is from, at least that photo. In the game itself, the devs added some of the assets of the manual as flavour decor for the save screens. For example this is one from the Ceylon chapter, with the full drawings of the dancer and the coin bar:


I am pretty sure that the playing card is from one of those screens. Even owning the game I find very difficult to reach these screens, so I would appreciate the photo tbh. At best it will be useful to try to find the actual historical card that it is based on, and at worst it can be a base to work on a more high quality replica.

Thank you again!
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