paper props

  1. Oxley

    Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - Manual Inserts

    Hello All! I have been a member for a while now, but I never really posted anything, so I'm glad I can contribute in some way with this. More than a decade ago, I started a thread in the old Club Obi Wan (nowadays called Indy I think?) about recreating some of the fake documents and...
  2. LorduDesign

    Suggestion - paper prop section open only to registered users

    Hello, I'm asking if it is possible that the paper prop section (Harry Potter one in particular) was only open to registered users as on the old website. Over the last few years (even before the section being open) I've seen my work (and other members' work) being sold on sites like etsy and...
  3. rbarz

    Indiana Jones FBI documents

    Hello, I saw some posts here about the FBI documents from the Crystal Skull movie, but does anyone know good places to get some of the other FBI files from Raiders of the Lost Ark or other "official" looking Indiana Jones documents? Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.
  4. reatsomeyon

    National treasure booth journal page

    I'm making booth journal page and I would like to ask is this a proper size ?