indiana jones

  1. peter74

    Indiana Jones- Stone God Light Peruvian Temple replica! Cast from original mold

    The stone is visible in the opening sequence of the film on the wall of the Mayan temple in the hall of the idol of gold. The mold comes from one original, unlike some replicas issued fiber glass, this will be done in very resistant synthetic gypsum. The stone measures 15 in. x 15 1/2 in...
  2. mrt88

    Printed Indiana jones grail diary

    Hi all, I have always wanted a Dr jones grail diary, I have made several props before but never anything with paper. I have done a little bit of research before but new to the forum. Looks like I have allot of reading to do. My initial idea was to look at potently a printer “story” grail...
  3. darthwhitey

    High quality Indiana Jones gun?...

    Looking for a good replica of the Indiana Jones pistol! Why aren't these available? I know that Sarendab(?) did a run back in the day but it doesn't seem he can ship these to the USA anymore? There seems to be two options... Smith & Wesson M1917 with the modified shorter barrel Smith &...

    Raiders of the Lost Ark Suitcase

    Does anyone have any idea what suitcase is used in Raiders of the Lost Ark? I've attached photos in hopes that it'll help identify it.
  5. peter74

    Indiana Jones - "Leap of Faith" replica prop

    Many of Those Who have had this painting knows That it is an object made in detail. Each inlay frame is made as in the original (within the limits That can allow the wood). The painting, in Particular, is of very high definition, image exposure was taken from "Indiana Jones and the Adventure...
  6. peter74

    Limited Run Temple of Doom - Kali Ma Sankara Stone display with light

    This is a project that i started a long time and that I finally finished, I thought I would like to have a version of the skull of the goddess Kali Ma with the stones inside that light up in a small version to hang on the wall, so I started to sculpt by hand following the images of the film...
  7. WingdSoldier

    Indiana Jones Nurhachi Urn + Lao Che Diamond

    Nurhachi Urn made by Sarednab including silk-lined box and an assortment of Indy-related documents, and Lao Che's Diamond made by RelicMaker. Shipping possible within the EU. Please contact me first for a shipping rate.
  8. Mean Obiwan

    Indiana Jones Cosplay (Complete)

    Man, I’m walking into these forums just like Indy walking into the Ravenwood bar, it’s been a long time. But I wanted to share my recently finished Indiana Jones costume, go through the gear and give a probably unimportant story as to why it was such a sentimental build. But first, the fun...
  9. RelicMaker

    Interest "Staff of Ra" - Beer Tap Handle!!!

    "Staff of Ra - Beer Tap Handle" When your next adventure is pouring yourself a beer! Cast in solid Pewter, 24K Gold-Plated, and set with vintage Topaz-colored crystals! Mounted on stained and finished wood rod and Beer Tap Ferrule! Measurement: 11 inches / 28cm in length Price: (Shipping...
  10. peter74

    Tablet Grail - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Prop Replica Scale 1:1

    Faithful replica the Table of the grail is the Movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" Size 49x49 made of plaster and alabaster resin, weighs over 5Kg!
  11. Oxley

    Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - Manual Inserts

    Hello All! I have been a member for a while now, but I never really posted anything, so I'm glad I can contribute in some way with this. More than a decade ago, I started a thread in the old Club Obi Wan (nowadays called Indy I think?) about recreating some of the fake documents and...
  12. mhariush

    Thoughts on the Indiana Jones Streets of Cairo Herbert Johnson 40th Anniversary Hat?

    hey guys I came across this 40th Anniversary Edition of the "Poet" hat on the Herbert Johnson website several months ago, placed and order and just received it. It came with a fancy box, certificate of authenticity and a "collectors edition" keychain. The hat overall seem pretty nice, and the...
  13. ForceBeWithYou

    Indiana Jones Screen Used Raiders of The Lost Ark Fedora

    Here is a photo of Harrison Fords Screen Worn Fedora from Raiders of the Lost Ark which went up for sale at the Prop Store Auction. Interesting to note that the famous “Raiders Turn” is not present. When drawn with an arrow, it goes straight through the Herbert Johnson logo right to the front of...
  14. interfacet

    Ark of the Covenant - my BA degree build

    Hi, Its been few years since my last post on this forum but I thought it will be a good idea to share this with wider public and make updates on this thread while making my degree build. I am a Prop making student in London and through these few years I managed to work in the prop department's...
  15. Oriontide

    Indy at the Fountain

    I had "1930s Adventurer" a 1/32 scale figure from Andrea Miniatures in storage. I also had a WW2 era fountain. And so I combined them into this diorama. I placed them on one of those wooden bases and used Woodland Scenics dark brown sand for the surrounding ground. I painted the figure and...
  16. blewis17

    Indiana Jones: I need recommendations for a good enough replica hat and whip

    I know what I’m saying here is heresy, but hear me out for just a minute. I’m looking for a simple display in my man cave to hang up on the wall, a nice Indiana Jones hat and whip. I know that authentic items can be purchased and are quite pricey but worth the money. What I need is a “close...
  17. Kobeque

    Yet another version of the Holy Grail from Indiana Jones

    I know this is one of the more oversaturated prop replica projects, but I thought I could contribute something to it. I 3D modelled this grail based on screenshots from the film and then printed it on my Anycubic i3 Mega. It was more of a paint test than anything, and I think it turned out...
  18. RJMonette88

    Want to Buy Ark of the Covenant - Kit (by Philip Wise / Blue Realm)

    Hello! One of my biggest dreams as a massive Indiana Jones fan has been to have/build a full-scale ark of the covenant. Up until recently Philip Wise has made kits available, which were made so beautifully. I was in the process of saving up to purchase a kit, but unfortunately the kits are no...
  19. parfaitelumiere

    Real historic fertility idol!

    Historically precolombian artifact inspired finish, on a Relicmaker idol. I will sand down, make special finish, and put antique glass eyes on it. First picture is idol , eyes removed, before I burnt it to remove all paint and plating. It's already very different now, I started removing the...
  20. D

    2021 Indiana Jones Costume and Gear Info

    I figured that starting a new updated thread on this topic makes sense over the one from 2017. All of these items are of my strict opinion based upon my own research and experience. Feel free to add your own opinions as well. Jacket - Wested Legacy Hero (original makers) Hat - High End -...
  21. D

    Sankara sanskrit, indiana jones and the temple of doom

    I was wondering if anyone out there could advise me on making a sankara sanskit from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom? Are there any tutorials out there at all? I really would like to make one for my own collection.. thanks in advance :-)
  22. Restaurajones

    Sankara Stones lighted set -standard version

    In stock two sets of my new lighted standard version of the Sankara stones from Temple of Doom Price 250 € + shipping costs This exceptional set is composed by: -Three different translucent Sankara stones with accurate cracking effect: SV1, SV3 and SV1B (same stones as my old deluxe set) -...
  23. Bloop

    Harrison Ford 3D sculpt (learning Blender) - Deckard, Blade Runner - v1.0 3D Printed and Painted, page 4

    UPDATE: (Nov. 11th, 2021 - 3D print & painting v1.0 complete, pg 4): <I decided to add a current progress pic to the original post, partly so you don't have to scroll down if you don't want to, and partly because my first progress pic looks pretty bad in comparison. I know I was just starting...
  24. Bossk

    Last Crusade Indy and Henry Jones on Horseback

    Since growing out a beard for my "Spanish Conquistador" impression of a soldier of the Hernando de Soto Expedition (second to last image) for programs I do at various regional parks and historical sites, I have started looking for fun "cosplay" costumes suited to the "new look". The first...
  25. Serenity

    Want to Buy Lao Che gold coins from Temple of Doom (Markpoon version only)

    Does anyone out there have a set of the Markpoon "Lao Che" gold coins from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? To be clear, I'm only looking for the Markpoon specific version as I already have or had other versions in my collection, but I've yet to get a set of those. Send me a PM if you...