indiana jones

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  1. peter74

    Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis Stones disk replica

    Atlantis Stones disk - Made of resin the three rotated disks. The round base measures 36cm diameter. For those interested, the idol is also available!
  2. blewis17

    Indiana Jones: I need recommendations for a good enough replica hat and whip

    I know what I’m saying here is heresy, but hear me out for just a minute. I’m looking for a simple display in my man cave to hang up on the wall, a nice Indiana Jones hat and whip. I know that authentic items can be purchased and are quite pricey but worth the money. What I need is a “close...
  3. Restaurajones

    Sankara Stones village version

    IN STOCK ITEM (PICS SHOWED AS REFERENCE) The set is composed by three different sankara stones: SV1A, SV3 and SV1B. These stones are no painted, the color is from the resin, with a mix of pigments, dyes, etc. The finish and look is the more near to the original ones I could to get. They...
  4. peter74

    Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis Stones disk replica

    Atlantis Stones disk - Made of resin the three rotated disks. The round base measures 36cm diameter.
  5. peter74

    Tablet Grail - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Prop Replica Scale 1:1

    Faithful replica the Table of the grail is the Movie "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" Size 49x49 made of plaster and alabaster resin, weighs over 5Kg! Price $ 210 + shipping ($ 99 for US or $ 69 for Europe)
  6. Psab keel

    Batman Returns: Catwoman Bullwhip by Terry Jacka

    Batman Returns: Catwoman Bullwhip -Gently USED -Genuine Terry Jacka Bullwhip -The Australian Model- the same style used by Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns -8 Ft. Black Kangaroo This was handmade by Terry Jacka himself, the man who made the whips used by Catwoman in Batman...
  7. colfax220

    'Gobler' Idol

    Up for sale is a Gobler version idol that I bought when he first did this run over 15 yrs ago. IMO its the most accurate looking idol to date. According to Gobler, these were plated with the same platers that did C-3p0 on the west coast, If I remember correctly. Im sure there are people on...
  8. Wailonskydog

    Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones Holster

    Raiders of the Lost Ark style Indy holster. Fits a S&W M1917 N-frame style pistol with a 4" barrel (will not fit Webley). I make these from full grain vegetable-tanned leather. They are hand dyed, hand-stitched, and all the edges are burnished and sealed. This one is an older style that I...
  9. Psab keel

    Zorro (Anthony DeLongis) Kangaroo Bullwhip

    -Zorro Style (Anthony DeLongis) Bullwhip -8 Ft. 12 Plait in Black Kangaroo -13.5 Inch Handle -Silver Ferrule -Interweave transition knots -Gently USED -Made by Steve Townsend $375.00 Shipped within the U.S. International PM me for exact shipping costs.
  10. Psab keel

    Indiana Jones KOTCS 10 Ft. Kangaroo Bullwhip

    10 Foot Indiana Jones KOTCS Kangaroo Bullwhip -Made by Steve Townsend of Townsend Handcrafted Whips -12 Plait in Whiskey Kangaroo with Brandy Knots -Gently used with smooth rolling action- great for multiple cracking patterns -10 Inch Steel Handle Foundation with heavy binding on the transition...
  11. Kobeque

    Yet another version of the Holy Grail from Indiana Jones

    I know this is one of the more oversaturated prop replica projects, but I thought I could contribute something to it. I 3D modelled this grail based on screenshots from the film and then printed it on my Anycubic i3 Mega. It was more of a paint test than anything, and I think it turned out...
  12. agliarept

    Disneyland Indiana Jones Cast & Crew Members Watch

    Selling my rare Disneyland "cast & crew members" Indiana Jones Adventure watch.These were gifted and sold to Disneyland employees prior the grand opening of the park ride in February 1995. This is number #0974 out of a limited edition of 3000. Comes with: Leather & Antiqued Brass watch...
  13. parfaitelumiere

    Real historic fertility idol!

    Historically precolombian artifact inspired finish, on a Relicmaker idol. I will sand down, make special finish, and put antique glass eyes on it. First picture is idol , eyes removed, before I burnt it to remove all paint and plating. It's already very different now, I started removing the...
  14. D

    2021 Indiana Jones Costume and Gear Info

    I figured that starting a new updated thread on this topic makes sense over the one from 2017. All of these items are of my strict opinion based upon my own research and experience. Feel free to add your own opinions as well. Jacket - Wested Legacy Hero (original makers) Hat - High End -...
  15. D

    Sankara sanskrit, indiana jones and the temple of doom

    I was wondering if anyone out there could advise me on making a sankara sanskit from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom? Are there any tutorials out there at all? I really would like to make one for my own collection.. thanks in advance :-)
  16. Restaurajones

    Sankara Stones lighted set -standard version

    In stock two sets of my new lighted standard version of the Sankara stones from Temple of Doom Price 240 € + shipping costs This exceptional set is composed by: -Three different translucent Sankara stones with accurate cracking effect: SV1, SV3 and SV1B (same stones as my old deluxe set) -...
  17. Bloop

    Harrison Ford 3D sculpt (learning Blender) - Deckard from Blade Runner -TEST PRINT/PAINT, pg 3

    UPDATE: (June 6th, 2021 - latest version): <I decided to add a current progress pic to the original post, partly so you don't have to scroll down if you don't want to, and partly because my first progress pic looks pretty bad in comparison. I know I was just starting out, but I don't want any...
  18. Bossk

    Last Crusade Indy and Henry Jones on Horseback

    Since growing out a beard for my "Spanish Conquistador" impression of a soldier of the Hernando de Soto Expedition (second to last image) for programs I do at various regional parks and historical sites, I have started looking for fun "cosplay" costumes suited to the "new look". The first...
  19. FanAngryBirds

    Indiana Jones: Belloq in Ceremonial Robes Costume (RotLA)

    Hello, everyone! I'm planning on making an Indiana Jones costume that I don't think anyone else has tried to accomplish: Belloq (Paul Freeman) in his ceremonial robes at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The robes have always fascinated me, especially on his Hasbro figure. But what I plan to...
  20. rbarz

    Indiana Jones FBI documents

    Hello, I saw some posts here about the FBI documents from the Crystal Skull movie, but does anyone know good places to get some of the other FBI files from Raiders of the Lost Ark or other "official" looking Indiana Jones documents? Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.
  21. Krats

    Oil Paintings featuring props I've made

    This might not sound like it belongs here but bear with me a mo... So I’m around here a lot, occasionally posting but usually lurking. I love watching movies and making props but my main buzz comes from painting. A while back my wonderful (and incredibly patient) other-half suggested I combine...
  22. justasecond

    Fertility Idol / Indiana Jones

    Dear all, and Hello! this is my first post here on the forum. I got inspired to make a sculpt of the famous fertility idol from the Indiana Jones movie. Its a solid body (not hollow - maybe unfortunate) and completely build from wet clay. As a reference I used images I found on the internet...
  23. Jake Kassnoff

    Holy Grail From Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

    I was cutting up a coconut for my Monty Python Cosplay and realized that the halves looked an awful lot like the grail from Last Crusade: Tutorial Video
  24. reatsomeyon

    Indiana Jones Leap of faith painting

    Hello. I'm searching for the image of painting Leap of Faith,because i'm making replica of this famous movie prop. Any help would be appreciate.
  25. Dylan Conway

    Ark of the Covenant Evidence File

    Created this as part of casefile about the events of the first three films. I'm planning on also making files for other artifacts in the franchise so I'll be making more for this thread. These files will be free for use just leave a little credit. Sincerely Dylan

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