indiana jones

  1. Rylo

    SOLD / Thanks

    Yeah, yeah, ignore the 'But It Now' price. It makes you put something in there...:rolleyes: Cleaning up a little around here. I'll update with additional photos, prices and more items later. SOLD / Thanks guys!
  2. Restaurajones

    Sankara Stones Village version- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    IN STOCK ITEM 180 € + 38 € (shipping costs) international/europe The set is composed by three different sankara stones: SV1A, SV3 and SV1B. These stones are no painted, the color is from the resin, with a mix of pigments, dyes, etc. The finish and look is the more near to the original...
  3. Dylan Conway

    Ark of the Covenant Evidence File

    Created this as part of casefile about the events of the first three films. I'm planning on also making files for other artifacts in the franchise so I'll be making more for this thread. These files will be free for use just leave a little credit. Sincerely Dylan
  4. Restaurajones

    Statuette from Marshall College. Raiders of the Lost Ark

    My known Statuette from Marshall College. Raiders of the Lost Ark Price 175 € + shipping costs 40 € (europe)/ 46 € (usa/international) Standing 12 " height Polystone, polished and weathered..No painted, color is from material. Pics are from the actual item in stock
  5. Restaurajones

    Sankara stones village version -Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom

    IN STOCK ITEM 180 € + 38 € (shipping costs) international/europe The set is composed by three different sankara stones: SV1A, SV3 and SV1B. These stones are no painted, the color is from the resin, with a mix of pigments, dyes, etc. The finish and look is the more near to the original ones I...
  6. Z

    WTB: Indy Machete

    Does anyone know where I can get a Noble Collection Indiana Jones Machete? Please help. Thank You
  7. agliarept

    Quarter Scale - Indiana Jones Custom 1/4 Figure

    Hi, Selling a custom made Indiana Jones figure in 1/4 scale. Made a few years ago and put in storage, figure uses pieces from sideshow, an 18" Indy doll and a brand new 1/4 male body, comes with: removable hat Indiana Jones headsculpt golden idol satchel bag pistol jacket belts storage box...
  8. SpiderPhantom5

    Interest Cold Cast Staff of Ra Headpiece Coasters

    I've been having fun fooling around with a laser engraver lately, and thought it would be cool to make some coasters. I started making an outline of a Staff of Ra Headpiece for engraving the coasters— and the plan is to engrave the finished outline onto some acrylic, cut it, make a mold, and...
  9. Serenity

    Hero Grail Diary and Tablet Rubbing (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

    This Grail Diary was crafted by hand in the same size and binding configuration as the recognized hero prop, with pages in the same order and repeated pattern, including various added-in pages. The original page details were finished with reference to the hero pages, with handwritten words and...
  10. PropReplicator2

    Done / Completed PR2 Golden Fertility Idol

    After a long time of meticulous work I am finally wrapping this project up and plan on a very limited run of these before I “retire” from prop making for a little while.. I recently got a quote back from the local chrome painting shop, and was impressed with the samples they showed me. Every...
  11. T

    Indiana Jones Help

    I've been looking around a lot at different replicas of items from the Indiana Jones films. I've been reading many old forums from years ago, and I would like some opinions to help me decide on what I should get and if things have changed for certain companies over the years and if you guys know...
  12. Z

    Indiana Jones Help!

    Hi guys and girls i recently made a post asking the rpf to choose me a new display. They voted indiana jones and im following through with this, i have one large shelf to fill with indy props. I need as many suggestions of props and paper props as possible and also who and where to get the best...
  13. TomVDJ

    Remote Controlled Light Up Sankara Stones

    Yeah, I know, MIMIC has not the best reputation about delivering, and at this moment it seems he/she is gone from the RPF forever, but the quality of MIMIC's props is / was outstanding! Customer service sucks, though, and I would not recommend anyone to order from MIMIC at this moment, let this...
  14. S

    How to fix gold plating?

    I have a worn gold plated fertility idol with some silver metal showing through. Any suggestions?
  15. FathomRequiem

    My collection... So far.

    Hello everyone, This is my first post so I figured I'd start by sharing my collection with you. I've been dropping eaves around here for a few years now and finally decided I'd share some pics of what I've gathered so far. Some things were made by members on here, others were found elsewhere...
  16. Johnnyfl

    Want to Buy Denix Webley Mark IV painted bright Orange

    I am interested in a metal Denix Mark IV revolver for an Indiana Jones display, painted mostly a bright colour so it will get through UK customs or as it comes if the seller is in the UK.
  17. E

    HELP with uni dissertation, Answer my question please?

    I'm a uni student at the university of south wales and im studying my final year of prop making for a Degree. Im writing a dissertation on the role of a prop maker posing the question "Do you need to be a master armorer to make quality weapons and armor for films?" Could you please give your...
  18. N

    Best Indiana Jones Gun

    Hey Indy fans! Finally an Indy gun thread! Lol, but thanks for clicking. I have been wondering where to get a good replica Indiana Jones gun. Now I know that he has multiple, but I would like to know where to get each of them :D lol. If you have your own then post em' up!
  19. N

    Beaver v.s Rabbit Indy Fedora

    Hey, thanks for clicking! Was just wondering about the durability of rabbit felt hats, and if they compare to beaver. Feel free to post your own Indy hat down below.
  20. N

    Help with Indiana Jones Hat!!!

    (Dead Thread) Finally decided on a Penman Raiders in Beaver :)
  21. N

    Most Accurate Indiana Jones Costume and Gear Info

    This thread is an information and discussion thread. Feel free to talk. Welcome to the thread! Here I am listing the most accurate versions and vendors for the iconic Indiana Jones Costume Gear (Original Raiders of The Lost Ark Version). I will soon add links to the pages. (Disclaimer: I am...
  22. keepcalmcostume

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - Grail Diary

    I’ve had the materials for this for months, but never got around to starting it because it's new crafting territory and I'm chicken. With a few other prop projects on hold and not in the mood to sew, last weekend was a good time to finally get to it. The plan is to do one “batch” of more or...
  23. RelicMaker

    Indy - Temple of Doom - "SKULL CHALICE" - Finally Finished!!

    Hey guys! I'm sure there's a couple of you who remember me getting one of these model kits and even offering to go in as a group to get one of these kits at a discount. Well, I finally finished mine and here it is in all it's glory! I ended up molding and casting the 'chalice' part in...
  24. keepcalmcostume

    Rule 63 Indiana Jones (Adapted and Original Design)

    FINALLY starting on this sucker after pretty much a lifetime of wanting to be Indiana Jones when I grew up. I decided that rather than keep it strictly screen accurate, since I was already doing Rule 63, I'd make some changes and adapt the costume to be more geared towards 1930s women's...
  25. NBStudios

    Best Raiders Fertility Idol.. Questions!

    What's up, guys! It has been quite a while since I've been active on here, so I have a couple questions about the Raiders of the Lost Ark Idol... I figure the best way to do this is to list off my questions and hope someone provides some answers :D! First things first, I know there are plenty...