indiana jones

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  1. The Cog

    FS: Various Indiana Jones costume pieces

    Slowly cleaning out my garage and storage areas of anything I that don't normally display or need to keep around. I have a few Indy costume pieces that have been replaced by other items over the years. All items have only been worn once or not at all. Looking to sell everything together $50 with...
  2. Bloop

    Harrison Ford 3D sculpt (learning Blender)

    UPDATE: (November 11th, 2020) I decided to add a current progress pic to the original post, partly so you don't have to scroll down if you don't want to, and partly because my first progress pic looks pretty bad in comparison. I know I was just starting out, and it was only a few weeks ago, but...
  3. Serenity

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade "Hero" Grail Diary

    This is a replica of the "Hero" Grail Diary prop from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It has the correct repeated page order, including various added-in pages. The original page details were finished with reference to the hero pages, complete with handwritten words and drawings, along with...
  4. Psab keel

    SOLD! Tanaka Works Smith and Wesson PFC Raiders Pistol in Steel Finish

    Up for grabs is a very beautiful PFC (Plug Fire Cap) Tanaka Works Smith and Wesson 1917 (Raiders Indy) pistol. It has only been dry fired a few times but has otherwise been stored safely in it's original packaging. Included are the rare PFC Caps. This was purchased from another member here a...
  5. HMSwolfe

    FS - Wested Leather Raiders Jacket - Sold

    For sale - Raiders’ style leather jacket from Wested Leather, makers of the original jacket. Chest size 48, sleeves are 27.5 in and body is 25 in. Lamb skin leather, still has a strong leather smell, for those that like that. Worn perhaps less than a dozen times, in like-new condition now...
  6. Bossk

    Last Crusade Indy and Henry Jones on Horseback

    Since growing out a beard for my "Spanish Conquistador" impression of a soldier of the Hernando de Soto Expedition (second to last image) for programs I do at various regional parks and historical sites, I have started looking for fun "cosplay" costumes suited to the "new look". The first...
  7. Wailonskydog

    Webley Mk VI Indiana Jones Holster

    Ok - so here's another holster that I made when prototyping the Webley MkVI design. It's got all the Webley holster feature: brass belt ring and button stud, butt-jointed seam, toe plug, full-grain leather, saddle stitched, edges burnished and sealed, etc. It's not my final design but since...
  8. Wailonskydog

    Indiana Jones Raiders Holster

    Indiana Jones Holster from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fits a Smith & Wesson style revolver with a 4" barrel. I've got my airsoft in there for reference. This is a test version of a revised pattern for the Raiders-style holsters I make so I don't need it anymore. I hope someone else can get more...
  9. Serenity

    Want to Buy Lao Che gold coins from Temple of Doom (Markpoon version only)

    Does anyone out there have a set of the Markpoon "Lao Che" gold coins from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? To be clear, I'm only looking for the Markpoon specific version as I already have or had other versions in my collection, but I've yet to get a set of those. Send me a PM if you...
  10. FanAngryBirds

    Indiana Jones: Belloq in Ceremonial Robes Costume (RotLA)

    Hello, everyone! I'm planning on making an Indiana Jones costume that I don't think anyone else has tried to accomplish: Belloq (Paul Freeman) in his ceremonial robes at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The robes have always fascinated me, especially on his Hasbro figure. But what I plan to...
  11. rbarz

    Indiana Jones FBI documents

    Hello, I saw some posts here about the FBI documents from the Crystal Skull movie, but does anyone know good places to get some of the other FBI files from Raiders of the Lost Ark or other "official" looking Indiana Jones documents? Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.
  12. Krats

    Oil Paintings featuring props I've made

    This might not sound like it belongs here but bear with me a mo... So I’m around here a lot, occasionally posting but usually lurking. I love watching movies and making props but my main buzz comes from painting. A while back my wonderful (and incredibly patient) other-half suggested I combine...
  13. Restaurajones

    Sankara stones : lighted basic version

    in stock item!! Pics from reference This exceptional set is composed by: -Three different translucent Sankara stones with accurate cracking effect: SV1, SV3 and SV1B. - Three complete circuits installed inside stones with four programs specially 100% designed and programmed for this...
  14. samura indy

    Black Sun Models 1/72 Indiana Jones Flying Wing

    Anyone out there with this kit thats willing to let go of it?
  15. justasecond

    Fertility Idol / Indiana Jones

    Dear all, and Hello! this is my first post here on the forum. I got inspired to make a sculpt of the famous fertility idol from the Indiana Jones movie. Its a solid body (not hollow - maybe unfortunate) and completely build from wet clay. As a reference I used images I found on the internet...
  16. Jake Kassnoff

    Holy Grail From Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

    I was cutting up a coconut for my Monty Python Cosplay and realized that the halves looked an awful lot like the grail from Last Crusade: Tutorial Video
  17. reatsomeyon

    Indiana Jones Leap of faith painting

    Hello. I'm searching for the image of painting Leap of Faith,because i'm making replica of this famous movie prop. Any help would be appreciate.
  18. Dylan Conway

    Ark of the Covenant Evidence File

    Created this as part of casefile about the events of the first three films. I'm planning on also making files for other artifacts in the franchise so I'll be making more for this thread. These files will be free for use just leave a little credit. Sincerely Dylan
  19. zvsith

    WTB: Indy Machete

    Does anyone know where I can get a Noble Collection Indiana Jones Machete? Please help. Thank You
  20. SpiderPhantom5

    Interest Cold Cast Staff of Ra Headpiece Coasters

    I've been having fun fooling around with a laser engraver lately, and thought it would be cool to make some coasters. I started making an outline of a Staff of Ra Headpiece for engraving the coasters— and the plan is to engrave the finished outline onto some acrylic, cut it, make a mold, and...
  21. PropReplicator2

    Done / Completed PR2 Golden Fertility Idol

    After a long time of meticulous work I am finally wrapping this project up and plan on a very limited run of these before I “retire” from prop making for a little while.. I recently got a quote back from the local chrome painting shop, and was impressed with the samples they showed me. Every...
  22. T

    Indiana Jones Help

    I've been looking around a lot at different replicas of items from the Indiana Jones films. I've been reading many old forums from years ago, and I would like some opinions to help me decide on what I should get and if things have changed for certain companies over the years and if you guys know...
  23. Z

    Indiana Jones Help!

    Hi guys and girls i recently made a post asking the rpf to choose me a new display. They voted indiana jones and im following through with this, i have one large shelf to fill with indy props. I need as many suggestions of props and paper props as possible and also who and where to get the best...
  24. S

    How to fix gold plating?

    I have a worn gold plated fertility idol with some silver metal showing through. Any suggestions?
  25. FathomRequiem

    My collection... So far.

    Hello everyone, This is my first post so I figured I'd start by sharing my collection with you. I've been dropping eaves around here for a few years now and finally decided I'd share some pics of what I've gathered so far. Some things were made by members on here, others were found elsewhere...

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