Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - Manual Inserts


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That's a great find, thank you Ceebrupt! It's interesting to see how the star chart map was supposed to be along the pagoda artwork, but the game botched the cutscene. Also how they actually included the manual cover inside the game as if it was Indy's actual diary! That's a neat detail.

That other book seems to be a bible of some kind? I can read "The Ipalmes (Psalms?) of David" on that second page, but I haven't found any similar page with an initial search.
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This is an amazing thread. I apologize for having nothing to add to it. I just love seeing people replicate old maps and/or make them match stuff from classic games & films. You folks rock!


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Please, thank you for being interested on it! This is probably the coolest videogame manual that has been ever made, and its nice to see people interested on it.

Alright, lets talk about the envelope from pages 16-17, and the last envelope left to cover.


- The envelope seems to be from the Frankfurt police, and as such it has a seal based on the ones german police would send in the 30s, like this one from Breslau (also from 1935, look at that!)


I didnt find an envelope with an actual police seal from Frankfurt, so I made my own, using this one as a base. You can find it by the first posts of this thread.

- The red stamp uses this model of german stamp as a base, with the same graphic that was used on the Luftpost stamp from page 18; a mix of this clipart with this cross, if you remember.

-The black 30 stamp uses this stamp, with an eagle that you might also remember from this other stamp that was also used on page 18. The swastika has been replaced with a 5 (not sure why a 5, but sure!)

And with that we would have all the envelopes covered! There is another stamp at the back of the manual (that repy already covered), and another one in page 29 (from Egypt I think?) but the passport is another beast to handle (and I heard somewhere that it is not even historically accurate)
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And here you have some of the assets I made myself:

- All the post stamps that appear on the manual are slight modifications of stamps from the 30s. Members from the old thread made really good recreations of those stamps, but I didnt manage to recover the red 1 Luffpost one from page 18, so I remade it again with the resources I found.
- The luftpost round stamp from page 18, and the Frankfurt Police seal from the page 16 envelope.
- The pages of the training manual that appears on pages 20 and 21
- The german steamship ticket from page 6, based in part on an actual ticket from the era.
Hey Man, great repro's. But on the Third Class ticket on the Schiffskarte, there's a major typo. It has to read Dritte Klasse in German.
Petty, but needs to read well.
Onya Mate,
Mike from down under


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Oh, my bad! The ticket was based on this historic one, but the font used on it is a bit hard to understand:


Ok, here would be the fixed version of the front of the ticket. Please, if you see any other typo on the back of the ticket or any of the german text around the files, please point it out. Most of the time I had to use google translator or compare typefaces to try to decipher some of the text, more with the funky fraktur typeface they used XD.


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Here you have my interpretation of the Monarch Hotel brochure. I used a bunch of hotel brochures from the era as inspiration for the content and front of it. Sadly I wasnt able to find the exact same phone clip art.


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Hello again! It has been a while!

I didn't have the time to work on this particular project. However, I did find the source of one of the books that appears in the game, from the Prague chapter:


They are two different pages from the Geneva Bible, the 1601 edition to be more precise:


I found pdfs of older editions of this bible, but have a very different design than this particular one. So I have no idea of where to find a high quality copy of these pages, even less a way to identify the left page, being plain text.


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I used an AI upscaler on the evil Qin Shi Huang illustration, and parts of the original historical engraving to give more detail to some muddled zones. There are parts that could be improved though.


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That's a great find! It's great to see a clean version of the newspaper, with some of the complete articles (some actually repeated several times, maybe this was a quick job to include the reviews)

That map is completely different to the one used in the regular manual. Also, that ticket is a pretty interesting new document.

Thank you!
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That's a great find! It's great to see a clean version of the newspaper, with some of the complete articles (some repeated several times actually, maybe this was a quick job to include the reviews)

That map is completely different to the one used in the regular manual. Also, that ticket is a pretty interesting new document.

Thank you!
Hey Brigandia36,
my copy of the french PC windows 98/ XP booklet is different from yours : witch system is your booklet from please?


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I actually did try the same XD. Yours is pretty fine, I like how you did the little stamps markings. I wouldn't add the "INDIANA JONES" text, it doesn't have sense for it to be there.

(Also, another little detail, you missed the "Cr." from "Rockville Cr." on the left side of the ticket. It probably happened when removing the VOID stamp. Don't worry, I almost missed it too as well while doing mine XD)

Taking a closer inspection to the one that appears on the leaflet, the city names that appear on the sides are slightly different to the ones from the ticket I found. Maybe a variation of the same model, or from a different year?


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I think it's a kind of pressbook; the last page show all the systems the game will be available. The only available year is 2003. I don't remember the release date.

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Ok, using this new version of the newspaper that Brigandia shared, and the original articles that Ceebrupt found, I was able to finally reconstruct the newspaper that appears on pages 12-13:


The decorative border that surrounds the weather forecast and one of the headlines is a placeholder, because I didnt find the graphics that were used.
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