Indiana Jones 5 officially announced

...and IRL, for a time Von Braun worked with Walt Disney

I finally watched this movie. Yeah, I was in a real hurry after reading all the bad reviews....

I was at a relatives house so it wasn't on my 92" home theater with 19 speaker Atmos, only 5.1, but it did have 4K HDR so details like de-aging probably looked better on a smaller screen.

I didn't think it was quite as bad as some said, but it wasn't exactly gripping either. I would have preferred the whole movie be in the 1940s instead of old Indy. I don't think the device they chose made any sense as we have the entire Antikythera mechanism (such as it is). It was in horrible condition, but not broken into two (perfect condition) pieces and our recreation doesn't look like the movie device at all.

Maybe I missed something in the dialog? Was that shipwreck one supposed to be something else? I suppose the whole thing was in a parallel universe given the bad guy got them to the moon when that was Von Braun (who claimed to be forced to join the SS or be killed and had no love for the nazi political party) not someone named Jurgen Voller who wanted to be the new fuhrer.

It just seems like they could have picked a more legendary object we don't actually have and know what it can do (the Spear of Destiny itself would have been a better choice, for example to be the primary object as few think the one on Austria is the real thing). Knowing it's BS from the start, it completely lacks impact compared to something as mysterious as the Ark of the Covenant or Holy Grail right from the start.

I had a hard time figuring out why the black lady was helping the Nazis as they didn't make it clear who she was, other than apparently working for the President, but putting up with them murdering Americans made her complicit, IMO. It should be no surprise they shot her, however.

I didn't know side-kicks were a common thing. They seemed to be aiming for a Short-Round comparison, but I thought that was a little weird in Temple of Doom too. Oh I just picked up a random kid pick-pocketing me and take him on my adventures.... Then there's the flying a plane when he's never flown one a massive night.... Stories like this need to have some level of believability, don't they?

Phoebe's character was reduced to a mere thief. I guess her dad taught her morals well. I guess she wanted to continue her character off of Fleabag?

Sallah and Marion were barely used. No one liked Indy's kid much, but killing him off and breaking up Indy and Marion after Crystal Skull bringing them together seemed a bit like Star Wars breaking up Han Solo and Leia. Harrison just can't catch a break, I guess....

Overall, it felt more like a TV show adventure. The chase in Morocco was inferior to previous movie chases (aren't you supposed to go bigger in sequels so it has something more interesting than newer movies?) I think I'd prefer a proper movie with a de-aged Indy than watching miserable Indy whine about drinking Kalli's blood (which obviously wasn't).

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