Incorporating AUDIO into our 1:1 statues/props?…


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Not sure the best place to post this…

As audio technology advances, I’m sure there are some cool ways to incorporate audio into our busts or statues?

For example, I have a life-size custom R2D2 and Sideshow Iron Man Mk3…in the past I’ve placed a Bluetooth speaker into R2 and crudely ran some audio using my phone. I also tried a little audio board I bought from a guy that worked at the flip of a switch and played a few R2 beeps and boops.

Does anyone know of a cleaner and more advanced way to help R2 “talk?”

Does anybody have any creative ideas on how to install audio in (or on) my Iron Man statue so I could have some audio? Ideally the JARVIS voice? Maybe even respond to commands?

There’s gotta be a fairly easy way to do this right?!

Thanks in advance!

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