Immortan Joe costume from Mad Max, Fury Road


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Dear all, you all did an amazing job !! Very impressed !! :thumbsup
I am looking for a Immortan Joe Sheriff replica path,
I contacted weeks ago @logan74k who did a run of this patch but still did not get news from him.
Any help is welcome
As an alternative to fabric ones Hamsterstyle also made some great 3D prints of most of Joe's patches. They're available to download at
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Just an update to Bryn's wonderful belt. It fits perfect over the padded belly, waist wrap, pants, and skirt.

A few things of note. I did do a little bit of weathering with some light sanding and pastels. I added a few small squares of Velcro to where the secondary belt points inward, just to help the belt stay in place and not slide down as much with the pistol and codpiece weight. The codpiece is attached with Chicago screws, E600, and a few heavy stiches - so it shouldn't be going anywhere.


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Bought Joe’s biker medal on eBay! Interestingly it is a little smaller than the replicas I had.
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