Immortan Joe costume from Mad Max, Fury Road


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Started gathering some of the small items adorning his armor:
Odd gizmo anchoring his chains. I made it from two cocktail strainers. It needs to be dulled and have a lot of rust applied.
His left pauldron reinforcement: a matrix of bottle caps, flattened, punched and jump-ringed together
A pretty good match for the patch on his left pauldron.
A navy officer's cap insignia he wears on his left chest
A miniature piston (from an air compressor) to hang on his chains on the right chest.
An old fashioned spark plug to wear also on the chains on the right chest.

More to come!

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Awesome so far. Did you just happen to have this stuff?

I'm working on a Joe costume also. I'm wondering what everyone's plans are for his chest. I figure it's a good excuse to build a vacuformer, but I'm hoping to not have to sculpt a big muscular chest.
Awesome finds! I always love seeing people figure out little detail bits and bobs like this.

Awesome so far. Did you just happen to have this stuff?

I'm working on a Joe costume also. I'm wondering what everyone's plans are for his chest. I figure it's a good excuse to build a vacuformer, but I'm hoping to not have to sculpt a big muscular chest.

For a lower-budget build, my girlfriend suggested that a clear mannequin torso might be a good starting point...
I thought about those clear mannequins, also, but I (and Joe, fortunately) am bigger than those mannequins! I bought a cheap, blow-molded plastic mannequin torso and will build it up with foil and foil tape to my dimensions and then use that as form for clear Worbla. Photos to follow!

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Long time lurker... I recently started a Joe costume myself, just got logan74k's wonderful replica mask painted up.
I wanted to share some of my findings on Joe's various auto badges adorning his codpiece and shin guards. Most are from Aus Fords.

ford cortina 240.JPG
Ford Cortina 240​

ford cortina XL.JPG
Ford Cortina 240 XL​

ford falcon 4.9.JPG
Ford Falcon XC 4.9
ford falcon 500.JPG
Ford Falcon 500
I found these all listed on this site...
Unfortunately they are all sold out at the moment.

I did find one seller on ebay that has a few replicas listed... He also seems to be willing to
produce more replicas that he hasn't made yet, and is open to suggestion.

Hope this is of some help! Great start Ahoudini. I have to ask though, what style of cocktail strainers did you use? That piece still eludes me- everyone I've seen online seem to be too large, and the spring coil all wrong. Thanks, any help is appreciated! Can't wait to see more of everyone's progress!

ford cortina 240.JPG

ford cortina XL.JPG

ford falcon 4.9.JPG

ford falcon 500.JPG
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Thanks, Erik! This is really helpful. I bought a bunch of US car badges and was going to fake the ones on the chaps by just going for the general look. I found a 929 for the cod piece and was going to use generic 4 and 9 numbers but this will help with the 240 badge. This brings up the weight of his belt in total, though. I bought a bunch of "castle" nuts with which to encrust the codpiece and they weigh a ton! Add that to air soft replicas of the two guns and the belt will be incredibly heavy. We'll see, but I made need to cast the nuts in resin just to reduce the weight!

I could not find the right cocktail strainer, either, so my replica is soldered/riveted together out of two inexpensive ones I got on eBay. I then replaced the spring with one from the hardware store that was smaller and tighter so as to match Joe's better. Lately, I have been working on the medals and I will post photos soon. I hope it was you, Erik, that I lost out to on the eBay auction for the exact EasyRiders pewter pin he wears as a medal! I am thinking now that that will have to be put together out of several other biker pins. Photos to follow!

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Ah, thank you on the strainer recipe!

Yeah the weight of the belt was a concern of mine as well... I haven't purchased my castle nuts yet, but I'm also thinking resin casts may be the way to go.

Can't wait to see all your medals! I'm still looking for a close match for the ornate piece of filigree at the center of the bottom row of medals. I sadly did not get that easy rider pin, the one I'll be using was one of the first pieces I found... It's close, but not perfect. Here's a pic of some of the bits I've collected. I have found another skull badge since this pic was taken that is a little closer in design and scale.
I've got spare filigree I am happy to give you. It needs a little silver/gray spray paint but is otherwise nearly perfect. I can also send along a skull patch, if you want. No charge, they are just taking up space here.

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im just starting my build, im waiting on the art book for reference, your pics are mega helpful, the patches are proving difficult to find and i really need help with the medals, the us navy cap badge was the easiest
Sorry to disappoint but the art book has precious few photos of the Immortan. [emoji20]

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typical, thats so far from shiny and chrome :(
ive been doing some screen shots today, not the best quality but anythings a bonus. any ideas what the star shaped patch on his arm is?
I wish there was some way to get ahold of the costume designer on Fury Road and ask her questions about the armor and costume.

I emailed the production designer to ask about Immortan Joe's voice. She responded a week or two later. :)

His voice was in fact altered in post, BTW.

Also, the weird jewelry chain among the other more standard utility chains on joes right chest, is 11mm antique brass rolo chain.
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The hoses that come out of his face look a lot like children's gas mask tubes. You can find the full masks on ebay for about 10 dollars each. If anyone know a place that might sell the hoses separate, that would be ideal.

Update on Joe's armor. This is my first time trying the clear Worbla material. I originally hoped to vacuum form the chest piece, but finding a large enough one has been difficult. I shaped the worbla over a set of metal "roman" armor I got on amazon. It's pretty pliable, should make wear comfortable. I'm going to give the armor another try now that I have a better grasp of the material.

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