I didn't want to, but I like the new preds


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I mean after all;
Falconer's mask looks like a CAD drawing with no sexy lines.
Tusky is wearing suspenders like a West Virginia bootlegging hillbilly.
Berserker obviously suffers from ADD and gets way too emotional.

But I have really come to like this new group of Predators.
The skin texture and coloring of each is unique and artistic,
...the grays and reds of Berserker,
...The heather greens and beiges of Falconer,
...The Patina color and Forest greens, along with the browns of Tusky.
The dreadlocks are also unique in coloring and a welcome and refreshing change; each matching their owners skin tone.
The tribal addition of the jawbone and tusks to two of the bio-helms fit right in with the primal hunter psyche.
The black talons; the same but different than the previous preddies are a very subtle change and welcome retain-age.
The technology of the falcon combined with the old school tradition of hunting with dogs just ......rocks.
Berserkers bio-helm is hot, like the shape of some prehistoric Corvette.
Tusky's bio-helm is even sexier and so unique with the live cheek portions and traditional curved lines.
I have even grown fond of the "hawk-like" angles of Falconer's bio helm.

I'm also starting to appreciate the edginess of their alleged lack of honor, although all of the human mother #*@+^%& were armed (even Tropher with his scalpel).

Yeah, I must say that I have seen this film more than is healthy to watch a film. Between Predator and Predators, we are talking in the hundreds (don't judge me, damn it :p ) of times.

...and I keep growing fonder of these three with every viewing.

This is all I have to say
I hear ya Bill. Although P1 will forever be #1 in my book I do like the beserker and tusky a lot! (can't still get warm to falconer)
but as a predophile I want them all! :p
I guess this is a "coming out of the closet"?

I liked the thought of a "bad blood clan" as soon as I heard it. To have a set of Predators that revolve around the one rule in hunting...and that is "Kill or be killed". No honor, just the hunt. Plus, I think it's great that we see the ultimate hunter hunting the ultimate prey...and that's to hunt the hunter himself...Royce even said that in the movie. "There is no hunting like the hunting of a man".

As for the bios, my favorite is Tusky. I agree with what you put too "Tusky's bio-helm is even sexier and so unique with the live cheek portions and traditional curved lines." It's such a unique bio. You could even use it in different ways other then what's in the movie. You could mix the Seed Bad Blood bio with Tusky too.

My other favorite is the Falconer. Just the most unique bio out there. The straight lines just drew me in. Nothing else like it. It's something different, and I really liked that.

The Berzerker bio is something different, and it's great....I just prefer the other two.
Im exactly the same mate, hated them at frst and now they have grown on me. Ive since brought the Beserker head for display and seriously thinking about using the Beserker paint scheme on my new hybred elder, greys and reds NICE :p
Yeah I agree, I liked the movie but seeing a 'new' pred made me detatch them from the classics, and seeing them degrade and kill a classic pred added insult to injury. But later I realized they needed something new to return the sinsiter quality to the predator and I noticed I felt the same feelings for the new ones as I did for the classic pred the first time i saw the original films. Personally my favorite was the falconer, his mask reminds me of an F-117 and the greens give him a basic level of camo in the jungles
I, too, really like the Falconer's mask. I thought it was a great abstract take on a falcons head mixed with a bio. I also really like his character. He came across as the silent stalker which I felt was quite appropriate given who he fought in the movie...
I thought the Falconer was very "art deco" like. I remember his biohelmet being referred to as "the plow".
The Tracker's mask is my favorite. I love his dogs, I just wish they had a harness vice rings in their skins.
I refuse to like Tusky and Mr Plow. Those Bios are the most retarded Bios I've seen on the big screen. Mr Black however - his Bio just kicks some serious ass.
I really dislike Mr. Black's biohelmet. I think it would look so much better without the jawbone on it. Looks poopy-stinky, no offense. :p
Without the jawbone it would look plain jane and very blah...

Jawbones added to any Bio = badassness!!!

Tusky and Mr. Black's bios aren't that different. Without the jawbone, it's pretty plain and simple. Without the Tusks, his bio is pretty plain and simple. Both features give the bios and added edge. Just like Mr. Black and his jawbone, Tusky and his tusks just add something new and takes it in a different direction.

Come to think of it, why is he "Mr. Black?" The bio nor armor is actually black, it's more of a darker copper color, isn't it?
I wasn't too sure of these new PRED's myself but like many, they eventually grew on me.

I dig the Tracker the most though (even though he was smoked waaaaay to easily). His Bio is my fave of the three new. It just has that look of a tribesman. It simply says... "I am imposing... fear me". :p
me personally was brought up with P1 thats the original and best idea.though the new ones are good its all down to making more revenue for the movie industry,and carrying on the story line!!
Well, they all have grown on me over the last year, but I like Black and Tusky best, save for the tusks themselves. I like the streamlined gauntlets, not too keen on the other copy-paste armor though, yet Tusky's shoulderpads are awesome.

All and all: not bad, but like AVP's predators they strayed a bit too far from the source material and chose to be more stylized than realistic.
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