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I'm just a kid from Las Vegas, Nevada with a simple Yautja obsession. I enjoyed Predator 1, Predator 2, Predators, and thought the first <acronym title='Alien Vs Predator'>AVP</acronym> was a pretty good movie not the best of them but still alright. Like many others I am not a fan of <acronym title='Alien Vs Predator'>AVP</acronym>-R, it was an ok storyline and I absolutly love the Wolf predator and his half acid burned face, but the movie had pretty horrible execution what with the not so good acting, bad lighting and much more. Well, I just started collecting about everything Predator. I have every movie on Blu-ray even <acronym title='Alien Vs Predator'>AVP</acronym>-R, I have one hot-toys Predator which is the Wolf Predator (Thats why I have <acronym title='Alien Vs Predator'>AVP</acronym>-R he looks great standing next to it. lol), (The non-cleaner kit version) Lost Predator arriving from e-Bay soon, Berserker on his way from another web-site, and Falconer on Pre-order from Sideshow toys. I wish I could have even more (a bit selfish much? lol) but Predator collecting is a very expensive hobby as any Predator collecter knows. Thats all I can think of right now, but i'm extremely happy to find a forum dedicated to my obsession that I had no idea so many other people had.<br />
<br />

Predator movies, Predator collectibles, Predator Artwork, Iron Man, Fallout Games, Resident Evil, and whatever I forgot lol.
Las Vegas, Nevada