How many movies are shot digital now?


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We know that Lucas really pushed for the digital camera technology that replaced traditional film cameras to be used on the prequels - but since that time, how many movies are now shot using digital cameras? Do any big name filmmakers still shoot film?
In theaters they used to put (Dig) on the ticket to tell which were in digital, but now they don't put it so I'm guessing most movies are doing it. Some theaters u can still see the film dot in the upper right corner while watching but now I don't see it much anymore
Spielberg still uses film...
And he still edits on a Moviola, cutting and splicing by hand. He refuses to use digital editing.

I'd venture to say virtually 90% (or more)films are all shot digitally.
That seems high. I've seen plenty of behind the scenes stuff and film cameras are still widely used. Every film goes through a digital stage though, for editing and effects. Even film release prints are made from digital masters. Shooting digital would make this process easier and cheaper, but many directors like Spielberg prefer the look and feel of film.
That's what I meant...virtualy all films are now being shot digitally or processed digitally.Since most every film these days is laiden with CG and other digital effects,most studios finish the film out with the digital process.Sure,they still may shoot what they are doing "on film" but it all gets the finished polish via digital and maybe they process the final print back to film,but it is still put through the "digital wringer".
Thats funny when the news shows a home video of a scene "caught on film" but the video is all pixelated from a canera phone
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