Horizon ED-209 Model (FINISHED! NEW PICS)


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Thanks everyone :)

Simply astonishing. Your paint job is incredible. I can't believe how well you nailed the look. The previous comment about phill tippit wanting his model back captured my first reaction as well. It is a shame that your solution for the leg flex couldn't be made available for the rest of us ED-209 owners.

all you need now is a sound card that says, 'PLEASE PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPON; YOU HAVE 20 SECONDS TO COMPLY.'


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Yeah, it would be great if he could talk.

The dust-proof glass display case arrived today:

Thanks wackychimp for hosting,



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Nice case, i have two like that myself housing my TIE bomber and FMMF, did you get that from MDC in coventry Keith? The case really sets off the model nicely. :thumbsup


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Thought i recognised the work, :p they do great cases for great money, the one i have the FMMF in cost £50 with backing mirror and floor. :thumbsup


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Hey kieth that is a great kit I have the same one. I would love to see pics of your flying hk that you did since I am working on one now as well.



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Finally, a Horizon ED-209 that actually LOOKS like an ED-209. That is just phenominal work.