Some photos of the regular Tanaka (matte) and the Jupiter (shiny) finish. I thought I had a regular steel finish, which looks basically identical to the Jupiter, but I can’t locate it since I moved. Magnets basically adhere to the entire Jupiter finish, while for the matte version, magnets only stick to the cylinder, trigger and hammer. Btw, if anyone has one of rook’s webley cold casts, and is looking for a matte Tanaka m1917, let’s talk.

Was there no blue or violet tones in the Jupiter finish? Mine predates that IIRC, but has a definite Blue or violet cast.
My deactivated mk2 hand ejector for reference if anyone is interested...
I'll have to start storing my Indy guns out of the holsters, I appreciate the info!
Also depends on humidity in your area. Might be useful to buy some of the anti-rust stuff that brownell’s sells. Waxing/sealing up the inside and outside of the holster might also help, because then moisture can’t bleed so easily.
Here's a link to an old thread where the Rook talks about the Webley WG...used in The Last Crusade

Of can't find this one anywhere either :)
Yeah he does great work, and he's a stand-up guy as well.... I've worked with him on projects, just a decent dude (heck we're friends on FB, and I hate people! lol). Messaging him now (y)
Nice to she a sister to my Webley WG.

Every time I periodically get an interesting subject to join a FB site I hesitate, then join, spend a few minutes on it, then go back to letting my account expire…again. I just hate the layout of FB and how tedious it is, I just don’t understand how it has remained so popular.
I bought an airsoft Webley two or three years ago and the paint chipped all the hell. I’m currently in the slow process of stripping the remaining paint and refinishing the gun a little more permanently.

And oh, how I wish it were the Webley Green. That birds-head grip is a work of art.
Just an FYI, the Indy Webley is the “WG Army Model” with 6” barrel and the birds head grip (there was a target version with longer barrel and square grip). WG stood for "Webley Government" it was not military issued, but a commercial version, with .455 service round, that was available for private purchase by British military officers.

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