indiana jones raiders of the lost ark

  1. shpider

    A comparison of Raiders Fertility Idols

    A comparison of Idols... The attached images show the differences in size and shape of all the idols in my collection... I'm missing some significant Idols, the "Gobler Idol" and the Sideshow Idol instantly come to mind... and probably DarkMatter Props' offering, although I have their ½ size...
  2. darthwhitey

    High quality Indiana Jones gun?...

    Looking for a good replica of the Indiana Jones pistol! Why aren't these available? I know that Sarendab(?) did a run back in the day but it doesn't seem he can ship these to the USA anymore? There seems to be two options... Smith & Wesson M1917 with the modified shorter barrel Smith &...

    Raiders of the Lost Ark Suitcase

    Does anyone have any idea what suitcase is used in Raiders of the Lost Ark? I've attached photos in hopes that it'll help identify it.
  4. Mean Obiwan

    Indiana Jones Cosplay (Complete)

    Man, I’m walking into these forums just like Indy walking into the Ravenwood bar, it’s been a long time. But I wanted to share my recently finished Indiana Jones costume, go through the gear and give a probably unimportant story as to why it was such a sentimental build. But first, the fun...
  5. interfacet

    Ark of the Covenant - my BA degree build

    Hi, Its been few years since my last post on this forum but I thought it will be a good idea to share this with wider public and make updates on this thread while making my degree build. I am a Prop making student in London and through these few years I managed to work in the prop department's...
  6. FanAngryBirds

    Indiana Jones: Belloq in Ceremonial Robes Costume (RotLA)

    Hello, everyone! I'm planning on making an Indiana Jones costume that I don't think anyone else has tried to accomplish: Belloq (Paul Freeman) in his ceremonial robes at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The robes have always fascinated me, especially on his Hasbro figure. But what I plan to...
  7. Celeste Conway

    Ark of the Covenant Evidence File

    Created this as part of casefile about the events of the first three films. I'm planning on also making files for other artifacts in the franchise so I'll be making more for this thread. These files will be free for use just leave a little credit. Sincerely Dylan
  8. S

    How to fix gold plating?

    I have a worn gold plated fertility idol with some silver metal showing through. Any suggestions?
  9. N

    Best Indiana Jones Gun

    Hey Indy fans! Finally an Indy gun thread! Lol, but thanks for clicking. I have been wondering where to get a good replica Indiana Jones gun. Now I know that he has multiple, but I would like to know where to get each of them :D lol. If you have your own then post em' up!
  10. N

    Beaver v.s Rabbit Indy Fedora

    Hey, thanks for clicking! Was just wondering about the durability of rabbit felt hats, and if they compare to beaver. Feel free to post your own Indy hat down below.
  11. N

    Help with Indiana Jones Hat!!!

    (Dead Thread) Finally decided on a Penman Raiders in Beaver :)
  12. N

    Most Accurate Indiana Jones Costume and Gear Info

    This thread is an information and discussion thread. Feel free to talk. Welcome to the thread! Here I am listing the most accurate versions and vendors for the iconic Indiana Jones Costume Gear (Original Raiders of The Lost Ark Version). I will soon add links to the pages. (Disclaimer: I am...
  13. Krats

    ROTLA - Chachapoyan Fertility Idol build ( with pics)

    Although I really enjoy making things and the processes involved I’m not much of a collector and there aren’t many props I actually hanker after owning. One fairly major exception to this is the Golden Idol from RotLA. I’m still kicking myself for not buying the Idol money-box I saw in my local...
  14. C

    1:1 Toht melting from Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Hello all, I am new here, suggested by my good friend Dale Morton, who urged me to show off my newest display bust.
  15. Dan Efran

    A hybrid Headpiece to the Staff of Ra.

    So I was looking over my "want to build" props list, and one of the few things that wasn't already in progress (in some form) was the classic MacGuffin, Marion's Medallion, the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra. From a little film I call Raiders of the Lost Ark. As many of us know, there are two...
  16. keepcalmcostume

    Rule 63 Indiana Jones (Adapted and Original Design)

    FINALLY starting on this sucker after pretty much a lifetime of wanting to be Indiana Jones when I grew up. I decided that rather than keep it strictly screen accurate, since I was already doing Rule 63, I'd make some changes and adapt the costume to be more geared towards 1930s women's...
  17. NSStudios

    Best Raiders Fertility Idol.. Questions!

    What's up, guys! It has been quite a while since I've been active on here, so I have a couple questions about the Raiders of the Lost Ark Idol... I figure the best way to do this is to list off my questions and hope someone provides some answers :D! First things first, I know there are plenty...
  18. Krest

    Indiana Jones Flying Wing

    Hey all, this is the very first peak at my latest project. The Flying wing from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Since there are very few Models available, I will do it all in 3D and 3D-Print it. I am aiming for something around 1/48 to 1/32 scale. Files will be free to download one done...
  19. S

    Indiana Jones Free Paper Props Outdated or Missing?

    Hi, I so happen to be a huge Indiana Jones fan, and I am on a quest to try to find and recreate the many documents or props that are in the movies, games, ect. Unfortunately, I was not familiar with this site or prop replicating many years ago and came across the people and its resources too...
  20. Indy Magnoli

    Indiana Jones: Archaeology Review Articles by Indy Magnoli

    I made these three sheets many years ago and thought I'd finally share them here as printable versions. I added a byline to my original version as it'd be interesting to see if these end up finding their way to eBay. In any case... just download, print and age...
  21. parfaitelumiere

    Limited Run Last crusade genuine pottery grail.

    Hello, After finding the way to do it, I am offering a run of genuine sigillée pottery last crusade grails. It will be a 20 pieces run, the final price to be 110€ including worlwide shipping. The potter I am working with makes roman sigilee as a daily work, for museums, antique replicas and for...
  22. Fly4v

    Indy's Tanis Notebook in 10 minutes

    I was digging around my footlocker and came across one of my "leaders" notebooks. Except for the NSN and Federal Supply Service on the cover, I have always thought this would be a great stand in for the Tanis notebook from Raiders. I already had red fabric as a left over from my Ultimates...
  23. DRay1218

    Help identifying a statue in Raiders of the lost ark

    I was watching the movie today when this statue grabbed my attention. Can anyone help identify it?i
  24. Elmebo

    The ark of the covenant - Bible page - Raiders of the lost ark

    Hey everyone, I just made the famous Bible page seen in Raiders of lost ark. You do not see the whole page in the movie so I took a some artistic freedom and created my own version of it. I based the graphic design on my grandfather's mother's old Bible from 1880 and translated the Bible text...
  25. PoopaPapaPalps

    Another Raiders Fertility Idol: FINISHED - 11/19/2014

    Seeing as how my Magneto helmet was a month long bust, I'm putting that on the back burner and will be working on this, in the mean time. It's only been about four days of me working on it but this is where it stand at the moment. Currently, it's being sculpted from the pictures of the actual...