HELP. I need the T800 skull measurements for a project.


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So, I started working on a T800 skull from "zero" to a kinda exact replica.

I took a 3D file of the skull and spine, I made it low poly but with enough details, and then I put it to pepakura and it's all good. Except, the measurements.
I don't know the measurements of the skull. I asked that question on Reddit about a year ago, (my first attempt at the project), but I didn't get a clear answer.
A guy told me that it's the measurements of a 1.88m tall man skull.

So I would like you to help me. What are the measurements for the T800 Endoskull?
The big reason that I'm obsessed with the measurements, is because, if the build goes well, then I will buy some denture teeth, so I won't have to build Alla the teeth from clay or something. So I want to be sure that the teeth will be alright too.

Thank you all!
I can't attach images of the skull currently, because I write this at the moment in my phone.

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